Spreading the light – some simple ways to share positivity and positive energy

Spreading the light

Spreading the light – sharing positivity in simple ways Spreading the light may sound like a metaphysical concept. In fact it’s very simple to do and has measurable effects which are helpful for our physical bodies, let alone the spiritual, mental or emotional energies. Sharing positivity and spreading the light…

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Deepak Chopra on OWN | Some meditative thoughts for the day


Deepak Chopra on OWN – Interviewed by Oprah in Jaipur Deepak Chopra was recently interviewed on OWN by Oprah Winfrey and took part in Oprah’s Lifeclass tour. Deepak Chopra is a spiritual thought leader who has written many books and run many very effective workshops. His latest publication is Spiritual…

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Meditating on the small things | The frequency of gratitude clears fear and promotes peace

Meditating on the small things – a Monday meditation after stressful weekend Meditating on the small things? I am enjoying Spring since the area around our lake at the back of the house is literally springing into flower! The local church couldn’t keep up with watering and spraying turf, so…

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Stumbling Into Infinity by Michael Fischman | A Book Review by Mom On A Spiritual Journey | An Ordinary Man In The Sphere Of Enlightenment

Stumbling Into Infinity

Stumbling Into Infinity – An Ordinary Man In The Sphere Of Enlightenment – a book by Michael Fischman Stumbling Into Infinity – three words which for many can often sum up the spiritual journey. How long will it take me to get there…how will I get there and what will…

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Morning meditation – the best tree in the park on a Spring day

Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation – Andover Park, KS Morning Meditation…the best tree in the park (in my humble opinion) is in blossom.  Here it is. Being peaceful with trees is a wonderful way to experience a morning meditation Focus upon… Any sights, sounds, smells Which trees make you feel different inside…which ones…

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Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves Part II | Working on my own #bigfatlies by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

big fat lies

I reviewed Amy Ahlers book Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves: Ditch Your Inner Critic and Wake Up Your Inner Superstar
recently and have been working through the book subsequent to this. It really is a jam-packed personal development tool – here's part II of my review.

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Louise Hay | Happy Birthday on Oct 8th and thank you | You Can Heal Your Life Book Review by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

you can heal your life

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay- the book Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life has been in publication and on bestseller lists since 1985. One of my close friends call it her ‘health bible’ and I always have a copy or two on hand, since there…

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God’s paintings | Wordless Wednesday | Meditation Moment

Spiritual Journey

God’s paintings Driving the girls to school the other day, we saw an amazing sunrise (wonderful clear skies here in Kansas and very little light pollution), with clouds radiating out from the sun. I made a comment that it looked like God – (or substitute your own word here –…

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Together we are strong | Video of Burning Car Lifted off Trapped Man | Brandon Wright saved by strength of humanity

Unity Consciousness

Together we are strong – video demonstrates strength of humanity I watched an amazing video on the news this morning, and decided to post a link to it here. I have heard about amazing rescues but seeing one happen is quite a different matter. This material could be distressing to…

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A Complaint Free World | How to begin to disconnect from the energy of complaints | Bracelets will help!

Complaint Free World

A Complaint Free World? If you haven’t heard of this movement, it was created by Will Bowen, the lead minister of the One Community Spiritual Center in Kansas City, Missouri. As an innovative Christian leader, he gave a sermon one day about the damaging nature of continuous complaining – and…

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