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emf balancing technique

Seated EMF Balancing Remote Session

Welcome to the energy exercise for March 22, 2021, for those in the Client Portal This month I’m introducing you to a short seated remote energy session. As strange as it sounds, energy sessions can be given remotely, and even received at a different date and time, if required. This energy session is part of…
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How the EMF Balancing Technique can help us to heal even in transition

May 2010 – my mum is very sick and in a hospice My mother’s energy was moving in and out of her body as I spoke. “Mum you said a while back that you were interested in being buried there”. She looked at me helplessly. Gathering all my resources, I remembered a question that one…
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emf balancing technique

Using the EMF Balancing Technique®

The EMF Balancing Technique®is a form of energy work which can be received one to one or remotely via Skype or phone.

Accepted now in many countries as a valid form of Energy Psychology, this technique helps to release trauma and encourage relaxation of the fight or flight response in the body.

Interested in creating success on your spiritual journey? Awaken your Akashic Records, develop your intuition. learn about Energy Psychology, experience growth, and abundance!

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Give an EMF Seated Session

Energy Exercise for May 22nd through the Client Portal This month’s energy exercise is an opportunity for you to see the EMF Balancing Technique® seated session in 3D, now available on Youtube!. Once you have watched it, maybe you will consider giving this session to a family member or friend! 5 years giving EMF Balancing…
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Energy work and Energy Psychology (EP)

Energy Work refers to one aspect of Energy Psychology or EP. Some examples of different types of energy work, or modalities, are the EMF Balancing Technique, Quantum Touch, and Reiki.

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Interested in creating success on your spiritual journey? Awaken your Akashic Records, develop your intuition, experience growth and abundance. Learn more about your Personal Energy

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heart chakra

Align your life with your heart | A new paradigm for the New Energy

More energetic information and resources about our heart center and how it aligns with our emotions, energy and senses. Learn more about energy work and the heart, EMF Balancing, The Roby Chart by Cheryl Roby and the Institute of Heartmath.

Unifieid Field or Lattice

The Gift of the Golden Dolphin – a chakra exercise book for children

The Gift of the Golden Dolphin – an energy exercise book for children by Peggy Pheonix Dubro, the originator of the EMF Balancing Technique – a book review.

All Energy Exercises from the Client Portal 2021

Energy Exercises from the Client Portal, 2021 Enjoy these energy exercises from Sarah when you are part of the Client Portal. January 2021 – Balance Your Ear Chakras JANUARY – BALANCE YOUR EAR CHAKRAS We all have ear chakras!  Learn to balance yours and experience greater clairaudience. February 2021 – Violet Flame Shaking Practice FEBRUARY…
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introduction to autogenics training

Introduction to Autogenics Training

Autogenics Training – strange name, powerful method Many of us are finding ourselves in what seems like unbearable stress at present times. There are methods of helping to unload the mind and nervous system of its’ stress when our minds seem to run away with us and won’t keep quiet, and our bodies tense up…
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psychic people

What do psychic people eat?

How does psychic ability affect the body, and how do psychic people manage their diet and energy? After 15 years of practicing energy work, and 10 years giving Akashic Records Readings for clients, Sarah has figured out some ways to manage her energy through diet.

Here are some tips for anyone who is working with energy, giving psychic readings for clients, or embarking on a study of the spiritual. Diet can definitely support us on the spiritual journey!

kryon oracle cards

Kryon Oracle Cards Lee Carroll 44 Card Deck

Here’s my review of Kryon’s new Oracle Card deck by Lee Carroll.

It’s a 44 -card deck with beautiful illustrations by Deborah de Lisi and Andre Ferrella. The energy just bounces out of these cards!

Feel free to ask for one or more of these cards to be pulled during a general reading with me, or simply enjoy the cards as a meditative resource.

schumann resonance

The Schumann Resonance – how does it affect our energy?

The Schumann Resonance measures the number of lightning discharges on planet Earth over a given time frame.

This resonance can be measured since the lightning discharges create waves or ‘resonances’.

The real question is, how do these resonances affect the human brain, body and energy field? Find out more here.

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