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Sarah Lawrence at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Mom On A Spiritual Journey

I’m Sarah Lawrence, one of your guides on the Spiritual Journey.

I have been writing this blog since 2010. I started writing because I needed to, processing the grief of my mum passing as a result of a reaction to the H1N1 flu shot at age 82.

Now, 8 years on, I write about spiritual practice and, about how our spiritual consciousness is expanding at an exponential rate.

Since May of 2017, I also write also in memory of my dear daughter Callie, who passed away from completed suicide that month.

Many of us are different, yet we are expected to conform despite our differences

We are different energetically, mentally, emotionally and even at the DNA level.

Yet we are expected to operate in a modern system which gives us drugs only tested on men, expects women to work outside the home and raise kids without effective support systems in a society created over the last 5,000 years by men.

Many of us are beginning to remember lives where we were equal, not only did we have equal rights but equal spiritual authority and everything that goes with that.

So when I write, I write from spirit and an intent to affect human consciousness

I write about everyday life.

I write about my journey.

I share what I believe has helped me for anyone else out there who thinks they are different, spiritually, energetically, at the level of awareness and even at the soul level.

Projects in the works

So, I hope you continue to enjoy my posts, 9 years on.

I am writing a book about Awakening to Your Akashic Records and designing an online course about the same.  I also offer a 3 part coaching course for anyone who wants to start that process as part of their spiritual journey.

I have been studying the human energy field since 2002.  Between 2002-2010, I qualified as a State-Certified Reflexologist in MD, and as an EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner (a type of Energy Work and EP (Energy Psychology).

In 2010, I had an energetic opening to the Akashic Records and have given clients readings continuously since then.

I have studied with 2 different Akashic Records teachers since 2010, and continue my work and study currently with an Ascension Guide and a well-known psychic medium.

If you’d like an Akashic Records Reading, here are the details

I offer general Akashic Readings, which are a new and different type of intuitive Reading.

I also offer a Soul Star Reading, which is like the Myers Briggs of intuitive readings, helping you learn more about your original incarnation, your soul’s energy centers (different to chakras) and helping to clear energy drains and blocks from previous lives.

In Energetic Goal Setting, I offer new ways to work with the energy of your future.  No magical thinking allowed!

And with Awakening Your Akashic Records, if you want to learn how to access your Akashic Records for your own personal spiritual growth, then I can help you to do that in three 1 hour online lessons.  (A small amount of homework involved!).

I also love using Essential Oils.  If you’d like to see my favorite blends, take a peek at my Essential Oil Site and feel free to ask questions.

I recently had a powerful opening to working with Runes (also known as Elder Futhark Runes), with a British Shaman.  Rune readings are available from January 2019, useful for questions and answers related to future decisions!

In the light,

Sarah xxx

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