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Akashic Chat now on Twitter, Sunday night

Akashic Chat has now been born!

After some time of thinking about it and wondering if I should, could or ought to, I did it!  With some help and support from great Twitter friends, I ran a 1-hour #AkashicChat open mic night and it was fun.

Next Week, Past Lives

Next week the theme will be Past Lives, which as you may find out if you join in, can be a much more all-encompassing subject than purely our personal past life remembrances.

Akashic Energy is a global phenomenon and affects the energy of our group consciousness and the direction of our planetary evolution, so there is a lot to chat about.

What we discussed on Akashic Chat this week

I had a few friends drop by and help me get #AkashicChat started.  Thank you again to all of you!

We discussed

  • how to begin to connect with the energy of the Akashic Records (by asking questions!)
  • some indicators that we are recognizing Past Lives in our Akashic Records
  • the possibility that we can connect with other consciousness grids, such as trees or crystals
  • how DNA can give us an awareness of our ancestors lives (science thinks now it’s possible that up to 14 previous generations of DNA are passed on through a process called DNA tagging)
  • how poets, artists and musicians may access their Akashic Records without even realizing it
  • an exchange of interesting book references.

So, if this range of subjects interests you and you like chatting on Twitter, feel free to join in at #AkashicChat.

DNA and the Akashic Records

For a while, I’ve been meditating on the difference between past lives and our ancestral DNA.  If we do reincarnate, is that a separate issue to our ancestral links through physical procreation on the planet?

Recently, I believe because I put the question out there, I have started to get answers.  First of all, I had a 23andme genetic test done and discovered that I have no DNA connections to the United States at all!

Yet 2 separate Akashic Records Readers have told me about the same past life on this continent and I am in the process of writing about my past life memories here in the USA too.

One of the answers I’ve received so far is that our physical line can be tapped into for genetic information and resources, yet, since our Soul is connected to the A-Field, or Akashic Field, at the quantum (microscopic) level, we have journeyed through many lifetimes in other ancestral lines at the quantum or multi-dimensional level too.

Edgar Cayce, the great American Akashic Records Reader (he is also known as the Sleeping Prophet), and was initially shocked by revelations he recalled during Readings about his clients’ past lives.

Edgar Cayce’s intention was to help people diagnostically with physical issues and he hadn’t expected to receive this type of philosophical information during his work.

The study of reincarnation can be a mind-boggling subject.  Edgar Cayce referred to it philosophically as ‘the continuity of life’, and emphasized that just because we were possibly someone great in a previous life doesn’t mean we can make excuses for not doing so well this time around!  Karma is a continuous cycle.

“In the studies, then, know where ye are going … to find that ye only lived, died and were buried under the cherry tree in Grandmother’s garden does not make thee one whit better neighbor, citizen, mother or father! But to know that ye spoke unkindly and suffered for it and in the present may correct it by being righteous – that is worthwhile!”

Edgar Cayce reading 5753-2

Useful Book References

A couple of book references were bandied about, it being a spiritually based chat, I’ve listed them below for reference.

I am currently working through Dr. Ben Lynch’s excellent Dirty Genes: A Breakthrough Program to Treat the Root Cause of Illness and Optimize Your Health, I mentioned it and other book titles came up as they tend to in this type of chat.

Here they are below.

Join us for Akashic Chat next Sunday

Please join us if you can for the next #AkashicChat about Past Lives and chat with me anytime on Twitter @SarahsEnergy.

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