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This is what it feels like to connect with a Past Life | Aka my Past Lives Part II

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This is what it feels like to connect with a Past Life | Aka my Past Lives Part II

past lives

past lives

Past Life experience during meditation

As part of my BestSelf Journal work, I’m ensuring that I wake up a little earlier (only 15 minutes!) so I can meditate for at least 5 minutes per day.

I have meditated as part of my spiritual practice for many years and have spent a long time sat on my bum meditating with all sorts of groups. It’s always been a lovely experience and I’ve always benefited from it in some way, experiencing more relaxation, a sense of connection – and sometimes receiving messages from the mystical and spiritual realm.

This morning was quite a surprise. I am on the first day of a 5-day prayer session to create a stronger connection with my spirit guides and intuition, so I lit a white candle, said my prayer with intention and settled down for my 5-minute meditation.

Unexpectedly – a powerful Past Life experience

All of a sudden I was transported (in my mind, anyway) to a location which I have never visited before in this life, yet it felt very familiar.

I was watching myself and also moving in and out of this ‘self’. She/me was wearing buckskin clothing and had an intricately plaited hairstyle with cowrie shells woven into it, dark hair, bone earrings in pierced ears.

The wind floated softly around as she/me stood at the edge of a clear pond, holding a blow pipe to my mouth. I blew, and shot a heron standing in the pool. It had blue and black feathers and I shot it through the heart.

I kept many of the feathers since they were sacred and meaningful to me, leaving the entrails by the pond as an offering to the local animal spirits.

I ate a heron!

I cooked the heron using fresh herbs and packing the heron with fresh herbs, also packing it on the inside with hot stones and then crisping it over a fire. It cooked very quickly and tasted very good, if slightly fishy!

While having this vision I asked more about this person and was told that she/me was a Sacred Woman whom others in the tribe came to for healing. Most of the time she lived alone but welcomed anyone from the tribe who came to visit for healing, to offer tributes or simply company.

I lived on a peninsula which housed the pond. Both sides faced the ocean, one side had a sandy beach where I regularly walked and meditated.

It was a beautiful, powerful vision which is staying with me today. It does feel like a Past Life vision.

Amazing what a 5-minute meditation can bring us.

In the light!

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