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God’s paintings | Wordless Wednesday | Meditation Moment

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God’s paintings | Wordless Wednesday | Meditation Moment

Spiritual Journey

God’s paintings

Driving the girls to school the other day, we saw an amazing sunrise (wonderful clear skies here in Kansas and very little light pollution), with clouds radiating out from the sun.

I made a comment that it looked like God – (or substitute your own word here – I also like Universal Consciousness) – had painted the sky.

Callie (my 9 year old) responded “He sure does paint a lot”.

God's paintings

Monarch butterfly, lake, back of our house


Wordless Wednesday, a good opportunity to show God’s paintings

Had noticed references to this in a number of blogging communities…actually had the presence of mind to look it up, today!

I often have difficulty doing without words completely, but will do my best, today.

Here’s some more of God’s best work.  My lips are sealed….


God's paintings

The dragonfly, a spiritual symbol of transformation

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