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Keeping centered during summer break – some easy ways…at least for a moment between chores!

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Keeping centered during summer break – some easy ways…at least for a moment between chores!

This is not me by the way, but a model, and no children were harmed in the making of this picture

As calm and peaceful as I look on any pictures you may see of me on this blog etc… you may be relieved to hear that I’m not always the calmest of mothers.  As a mom of 2 girls ages 8 and 7, and being in the later part of my forties (let’s just leave the age thing at that, shall we?) there are times when I feel I cannot get centered at all, focused at all, you name it, anything at all!  A friend I met in California once called it ‘being assimilated by the borg’.  You know, those days when the children’s chatter, the interminable shopping list and those dusty shelves/that dirty bathtub/whatever the heck it is…will just not leave my mind alone!

On those days when I really am struggling to get focused…if I remember 🙂 …then I use one of these three ways to ‘flip’ my energy and get myself back on track.  By the way, today was one of those days, and I remembered to use one of the ways to flip it …so I felt honor bound to write about it!

When I’m not feeling centered – my energy is ‘out there’ somewhere – use sea or rock salt under the tongue!

Not being centered can feel like a lack of focus, or that literally your focus of attention is not in the present moment, but in that mysterious place of ‘elsewhere’.  In my case in it’s least extreme form I am just annoyingly forgetful and distracted – annoying both for myself and others, that is.  In its’ most extreme form I am physically unco-ordinated and tired.  (Feel free to fill in the blanks, when I am not centered I am __________ ___________ and _____________ because everybody’s different).

From an energetic perspective, effectively I have ‘left my body’ and I’m not grounded or centered.  Think of it literally as your energy field having distorted, lifted or gone to the top of your body.  There are other ways to center, many and varied, but the quick and easy way I learnt from a friend who is a shamanic practitioner is to use sea salt, rock salt or Himala Salt (the iodinized salt does not work for me…perhaps because it’s been messed with, I don’t know) and put a chunk or two under the tongue.  Yowza!  Back in the room in a hurry.  Her suggested gentler tip is to eat root veggies, like potatoes or turnips, rutabaga.  Of course, avoid the ‘salt method’ if it’s medically inadvisable for some reason.

Questions, questions, questions…get grounded using your root chakra/energy center!

I have two girls who are both at the age and stage where they talk a lot from their personal streams of consciousness, often simultaneously, and especially when I pick them up from somewhere!

The chakras

The root or base chakra is the lowest one in the picture (you don't need to sit cross legged to do this exercise though!)

  In the middle of that, I have my own ‘inner dialogue’ (in NLP™ it’s called ‘internal dialogue’) – chatting away at me about my to do list and anything else that may be going on for me.  That can be pretty distracting.

I use an energy centering technique which essentially gives me one point of focus and cuts out the rest of the ‘blurb’.  There is an energy center at the base of the spine (at the perineum e.g. between the back parts and the …front parts*) that in some traditional practices is called the ‘root’ or ‘base’ chakra.  Just taking a moment to focus your attention on that area of the body can be very grounding.  Whilst you are doing so, take some deep breaths.  If you are visually oriented, then imagine a ruby red circle in that area, glowing and spinning clockwise.  As an EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner, I’m taught that the energy centers or chakras extend all around the body to a distance of 2 feet or 24 inches, so if it’s helpful to you imagine this energy center expanding and growing outwards.  Instant focus!

*Sorry to be somewhat coy…it’s amazing what some spammers will do with body parts listed in a blog!

And for those who have an iPhone…this is a GREAT app!

Screenshot from

I recently found an app for my phone that I really love, it takes just a moment and it’s very centering and grounding.  It’s an app called The Mystic Angels, designed by Denise Iwaniw, a Coptic minister, author, and intuitive teacher and illustrated by an amazing graphic artist, David Fix.  You can download the trial app for free.  The illustrations are calming and beautiful, and you can flip the card over to read the deeper meaning on the other side.  I’ve been making time (literally, 30 seconds) to choose a card daily when I’ve been working on my phone, and the pictures emanate wonderful energies as do the messages on the cards.  The full app is $3.99.

Click here for the website link, or check out their page on Facebook.

There is also a book and a deck of cards…have to say, I’m tempted!

Wishing everyone a relaxing, grounded and centered summer.

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