Medmob: Inquire Within Meditation Flash mob phenomenon happening worldwide and here in Wichita, KS


Medmob: Inquire Within, A Meditation Flash Mob?

Medmob: Inquire WithinIn my previous post, I wrote about the Medmob: Inquire Within meditation Flash Mob movement.

I found myself so moved by the video within that post (and the wonderful Great Bell Chant) that I played the video at least once a day, all week.  Synchronicity then kicked in.

This weekend, I was at the InnerWorks Holistic Health Center for a workshop with Lama Tashi Dondup, and lunching at Tanya’s soup kitchen.  (Amazing place, wonderful food if you haven’t been there yet!)

My friend wandered over to the noticeboard and picked up the Medmob: Inquire Within flyer and said… “Sarah, is this the phenomenon you’ve been talking about?”  (More like babbling about all morning…but she’s a kind friend! 🙂

There’s a Medmob: Inquire Within Meditation Flash Mob happening this Sunday, August 28th in Wichita, KS!

This from Lisa Meginnes at Medmob Wichita!

The first Wichita Event will occure August 28th at Noon till 1pm at Boston Park.  The address is 6655 E. Zimmerly (this is located one block N. of Harry on Woodlawn on the E. side of the street.)

This will be a hour long meditation followed by a sound bath. Please come and join us as this will occure in every time zone be part of the wave as this passes around mother earth.

Social media links for Medmob: Inquire Within below

Wichita KS Medmob: Inquire Within Facebook Page

US MedMobs Twitter page, message @Medmobs

US MedMob Website (

Spreading intention, harmony, good intention and good vibration all over the world with the Medmob:Inquire Within movement – Group Hug Video!

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