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My Christmas Angel Story

Sarah Lawrence - Energy Reader, Intuitive Coach, Business Creator

My Christmas Angel Story

christmas angel story

christmas angelMy Christmas Angel Story

My Christmas Angel sits on the top of our Christmas tree.  What’s your tree topper?  Perhaps you have a story behind it?

This Christmas Angel came into our lives in a strange way.  When I was dating my husband it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t a straightforward ‘romantic’ story.

We were both working through relationship breakups which hurt other people and we lived on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, he lived in the USA, I lived in the UK.

One day when I was visiting him in the US and he was out at work, I sat down in a hopeless mess on the back deck of the house we lived in and wondered what on earth I was doing.

I had a thriving business with a business partner in the UK and an active life there…why was I trying to make this work?

Then My Christmas Angel made an appearance

It was a windy March day and almost immediately I asked this question of myself, I heard a rattling noise at the front of the house which seem to go on angel

I walked around to the front and the wind was blowing something up the driveway of the house (very long driveway, set back from the main street behind two other houses).

This ‘thing’ continued to roll up the driveway head over tail and with one last gust of wind, landed at my feet.

It was my Christmas Angel.  I looked around.  It was March, so nobody had their decorations out and nobody was around.  I couldn’t tell where the angel had come from so I picked it up and took it inside.

Now we have my Christmas Angel on the Christmas tree every year

We kept the angel with all our things in storage and then finally found it again when we were living in California.  We both thought it would make an ideal Christmas Angel and put it at the top of the tree.

Whenever we decorate now, the Christmas Angel comes out and we consider it to be a good luck sign!  This Christmas Angel has traveled through 4 states and now sits on our tree in Kansas this Christmas.

Resources for Angel Work

Becoming aware of Angels as energetic entities and working with them can be a powerful aspect of the spiritual journey.

I’ve used Doreen Virtue’s body of work to learn to work with angel energy, as well as a course I took in Maryland which helped me develop my intuition and work with angels further.

You can work with angels in any number of ways, some examples are

  • Ask a particular angel to assist with a life issue, Chamuel, for example, is the relationship angel
  • Ask an angel to help protect you in a difficult situation or in a place of negative energy.  Archangel Michael is a powerful entity for protection.
  • Use Angel Cards to help give you guidance in life
  • Go to a practitioner who offers angel readings
  • Angels can appear in any number of ways, from somebody who simply helps you, or even saves your life, through to a family member or friend who has passed on but is still helping you through the veil.

Do you have a Christmas Angel or an Angel story?  I’d love to hear your comments or stories.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite angel resources.


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  1. Candace says:

    great story Sarah. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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