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New World Energetics Practice – my online practice

If my story intrigues you and you resonate with being a Mom On A Spiritual Journey – you may also be interested in some of the spiritual practices I errr….practice!

I have an online sessions site called New World Energetics – the name summing up how we can all learn to work with our Personal Energy in a Whole New Way to help us create a new way of being using conscious practice.

Book Online Sessions currently available at New World Energetics

I’m offering online sessions via Skype at newworldenergetics which help you to connect more deeply with your Personal Energy.

There is deep wisdom stored within your Personal Energy – it’s where you can connect with your inner guidance or intuition.

My aim with these sessions is to encourage you to take the spiritual journey…deeper…within…so that ultimately you are sailing confidently on your own spiritual journey!

Online Sessions offered through my New World Energetics Practice are

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