How to know if you’ve been slimed energetically and what you can do about it | Free energy lesson and cool tool by Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey


Got slime? Sometimes we can tell when others are tuning into our light or vibration and are taking from us rather than source. This blog post, PDF and podcast from Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey will help you de-slime.

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Now Discover Your Strengths | Connectedness as a strength on the spiritual journey

Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O Clifton PhD I’m currently studying online at Marie Forleo’s business school to learn more about how to develop my online practice. One of the suggested books on the reading list is Now Discover Your Strengths. Based on the research work…

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How do I know if I’m having premonitions or psychic experiences – 3 keys to greater awareness | Mom On A Spiritual Journey


Premonitions or psychic experiences – how do I know if I’m having them? I’m in the middle of some Akashic Records training and the teacher mentioned recently that being involved in this type of work increases our intuitive abilities in other areas. Well, after an experience I had this week…

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Going deeper into the Akashic Records | Online certification as an Akashic Records reader with Linda Howe

Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records and my Online Certification This week I started my first week of four weeks of online study with the Akashic  Studies Center, created by Linda Howe, author of Reading the Akashic Records and Healing with the Akashic Records. I started this spiritual practice over a year or…

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