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Akashic Records Reading


Clients who have worked with Sarah have submitted these testimonials   Irina says: My Akashic Records Reading with Sarah was an amazing experience both spiritually and mentally.    The insights on my family issue that she provided were truly precious and resulted in noticeable positive changes…   Now, two months later looking at my notes…
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spiritual medium

Me, my mum and how bedside experiences – spiritual mediumship – with her when she was sick completely changed my life | Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Mediumship when my mum was sick? Some of you may know how this blog started… My mum got very sick partially as the result of an (unnecessary) H1N1 vaccination. When she became very unwell she began to speak about the future of our health system, and how ‘in 90 years time, people will no…
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Sarah Energy Woman

I am Sarah, Energy Woman! If you were a SuperHero…what would you look like and what are your special powers?

If you were a SuperHero, who/what/how would you be? I was busy typing away yesterday when my youngest daughter asked me this question. “Why do you want to know?” I asked her.  “Oh, I’m writing security slips for my birthday sleepover, you can only come in if you slide your identity under the door”. Children…
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Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Now Discover Your Strengths | Connectedness as a strength on the spiritual journey

Based on the research work of Donald Clifton who used Gallup surveys to ask millions of people around the world ‘what are your strengths’ (amongst other positively-framed questions), Donald Clifton and Marcus Buckingham wrote this book to start the ‘strengths revolution’. A Strength as defined in Now, Discover Your Strengths is “consistent near-perfect performance in an activity”. The aim here is to find your natural talents or ways that you express yourself in the world that you find the easiest because your brain works that way.

This book is revolutionary.  It’s a very different concept to consider simply building on your Strengths rather than ‘plugging the skills gap’ and shoring up your ‘weaknesses’.

Kundalini Yoga

A guide to Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini Meditation

Written by Kathyrin McCusker, a Yoga teacher and internationally known Opera Singer Kundalini Meditation is a useful guide to both meditation using the Kundalini energy, and Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini means “the coil in the hair of the beloved” and refers to our coiled serpent-like energy which begins at the base of the spine, moving up through the chakras or energy centers and resulting in a feeling of bliss throughout the body, mind, and soul for the regular practitioner.

Kundalini Yoga is the practice of yogic postures, mantras and meditations that help activate the kundalini energy.  This energy can rise up through the chakras with practice.

mind over medicine

Oh shift! Spiritual books and how they can rock your world | My first big shift from reading a spiritual book by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Oh shift!  Spiritual books and how they can change you I’ve noticed a pattern when I hit on a spiritual book that really rocks my world. I read it…get a BIG result…get scared…put it down for a while and then when I’m finally ready to swallow the contents, pick it up again. This definitely happened…
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stories from spirit

Sheila Callaham’s Stories from Spirit | A Kindle ebook giveaway and book review by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Stories from Spirit will help you learn a different route to meditation, using an ancient indigenous spiritual practice called journeying, or Shamanic journeying, which is a form of guided or self-guided meditation using drumming as a background track and a way to switch off the present mind. Sheila Callaham is an independent author, also on her own spiritual journey and has written Stories from Spirit in order to relate her story and enable others to begin or continue with Shamanic journeying.I’ve enjoyed this ebook greatly and believe Stories from Spirit is a great resource for the new Shamanic Guided Journeyer, as well as those more experienced on the journey.

Spiritual Transition Team

Who is on your Spiritual Transition Team? | Thoughts on the shift post December 21st 2012

Who is on your Spiritual Transition Team? Watching a trailer for Decoding Deepak – a film made about Deepak Chopra by his son Gotham Chopra recently, I heard Deepak Chopra say “I’m on the (Spiritual) Transition Team” when referring to the shift in consciousness that many people are experiencing and the human consciousness movement on…
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contact sarah mom spiritual journey

Why should your personal energy be so important to you? | Learning about your personal energy is good for your health

Personal energy – why should it be so important to you? Chatting with my husband yesterday after talking online with a Russian EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner and teacher about her new personal energy practice.  (I’m a practitioner too). The practitioner in question is Aleksandra Schumakher and she has moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in the…
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Kryon Summer Light

Kryon Summer Light Sedona 2012 | What is Kryon Summer Light? Kinda like TED for Lightworkers!

Kryon Summer Light Sedona 2012 – what is Kryon Summer Light? This year was the 16th Kryon Summer Light conference where people have gathered from around the globe to hear Lee Carroll and others speak about the latest news we can all learn about in that space where science and spirituality meet. Think of Kryon…
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Spreading the light

Spreading the light – some simple ways to share positivity and positive energy

Spreading the light – sharing positivity in simple ways Spreading the light may sound like a metaphysical concept. In fact it’s very simple to do and has measurable effects which are helpful for our physical bodies, let alone the spiritual, mental or emotional energies. Sharing positivity and spreading the light comes from…where? In the West…
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Life Purpose Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards – How to use the Life Purpose Oracle Cards

One of my favorite card decks, Doreen Virtue’s Life Purpose Oracle Cards.

During this post I cast a reading and interpret it, so you can see how the process works.

I hope you enjoy this post and check out other oracle card reviews on the blog.

Sarah’s review of Judith Orloff’s Power of Surrender cards>>

Sarah’s review of James Van Praagh and Doreen Virtue’s Talking to Heaven Oracle cards>>

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