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Moms, Dads, Carers on a Spiritual Journey

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Moms, Dads, Carers on a Spiritual Journey

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Welcome to Mom On A Spiritual Journey!

My spiritual journey started of its’ own accord about 18 years ago…I didn’t realize however at the time that when I had children, they would add to and magnify that journey, and start me thinking about how I can assist them on their respective journeys, too.

So this blog is a way to discuss those topics, share information, and open new discussions with moms, parents, and carers who find themselves journeying with the New Children on the Block, ‘Indigo’ children, or ‘Crystal’ children.

Feel free to access the pages on this blog to check out the blog, and to search for guidance on the various tools offered here.

My aims are to

  1. Explain and discuss the latest information about Alternative Health
  2. Embrace our Intuition and learn more about it
  3. Practice Spirituality.

I’ll share as I go.

I wish you, and your children, a peaceful journey!

Sarah Lawrence Hinson

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