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Organic food more affordable

Organic food is becoming more affordable…let’s keep voting with our wallets when we can!

Organic food more affordable in this part of the ‘Heartland’ – apples have made it! Doing a quick shop in my local Dillons last week, I was pleased and surprised to notice this price match.  (See photos below). Pink Lady Apples (non-organic) $1.99 a pound   Organic apples (Fuji), also $1.99 a pound Why buy…
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Rhubarb Crumble – a British dessert with some great health benefits!

Rhubarb Crumble When buying fruits and veggies in our local supermarket in Wichita, I often buy things that the person on the checkout doesn’t recognize. This happened a short while ago with rhubarb, a favoritefruit of mine which looks a bit like red celery but that has a sweet, tart, flavor to it when cooked (can’t…
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indigo children

Sensitive child? Some helps for moms with sensitive children

My sensitive children – in my opinion, in my experience… I’m going to start this post with a great quote from one of my favorite judges on the tv series The Good Wife.  Don’t know if you follow that series but there is a judge on there that all the lawyers do much better with if…
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Organic food more affordable

Food for thought from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – 8pm Eastern/7pm Central on ABC, Tuesday nights are definitely ACTIVE on my DVR I followed the first series of Food Revolution based in Huntingdon, West Virginia, and have watched the first episode of this series based in Los Angeles, CA.  If you’re not familiar with Jamie Oliver or the Food…
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Oh No! Not more GMOs! Do you realize that alfalfa is next? | Time to stop being food-illiterate

Why members of the public are rallying over GMOs and labeling of our foods GMOs stand for Genetically Modified Organisms, and you are probably eating them somewhere in your diet.  Did you know that?  Probably not, because they’re not labeled. Just this weekend all over the USA, GMO rallies were organized to spread awareness of…
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Mom On A Spiritual Journey

How moms can help their kids live more naturally- be natural mothers…one step at a time

It can feel overwhelming to learn to be a mother – and now there’s the ‘natural stuff’, too? As moms we’ve been through many cycles including the most major one of all – giving birth and learning to raise a child. When my mother first had my brother and myself, she was told that formula…
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Support local natural foods markets – mine is GreenAcres Market, Wichita, KS

Natural foods markets – helpful in a number of ways I headed into my local natural food market today for a number of reasons.  I wanted something different for lunch, I needed a couple of homeopathic remedies in a hurry, and I needed deodorant (I prefer the chemical free kind).  My local natural food market…
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