I highly recommend having a Soul Star Reading with Sarah

I highly recommend having a Soul Star Reading with Sarah

This was my first time having an Akashic Records Reading.

Sarah is incredibly gentle, knowledgeable, and thorough in delivering copious amounts of information about your soul after connecting with your Akashic guides. She also patiently and extensively answers any questions that may arise.

All of the information she brought forward resonated deeply with me and helped me to understand who I am on the deepest level, and gave me a better understanding of what my soul’s purpose is in this lifetime. She’s able to identify leaks in your chakras, as well as attachments between you and others that may be draining your life force energy. Best of all, she helps you resolve these issues by sealing your aura and cutting cords in this and previous lifetimes.

She also provides a personalized 21-day Energy Transmutation prayer to clear what she’s identified for good! I have not yet started my 21-day prayer, but after my session with her, I felt a tremendous release and shift in my energy that has persisted. She also sent a brief summary of what was uncovered during the reading as well as additional meditations, books, and other items that are relevant to your soul growth and continued healing. This reading using Sarah’s many gifts provided many missing pieces of the puzzle in understanding who “I” am and am so happy to have done it.


NC Soul Star reading June 25, 2019

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