The power of story – an energy podcast


power of story

The power of story?

A short inspirational podcast about the power of story.  How is it that sometimes we just know what we know, feel what we feel and can act on it to create beautiful results?

Listen to this short podcast to learn more about Sarah’s power of story (not the stories that we tell or are told, but what is somatically embedded within our bodies).  And for me, within our Personal Energy Fields.

How do you feel completely connected both spiritually and physically?

For me it’s a sense of structural integrity throughout the body, mind and spirit.  All chakras are connected, I’m feeling the energy of the Earth run up through the center of my body and connecting with the Higher Self, Soul or Greater Than Self above.

This embodied feeling is Story for me.  It’s why I’m here at the spiritual level!


Take a listen and I’d love to hear your responses.

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