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The Pregnant Entrepreneur – for Mompreneurs everywhere, pregnant or not! Book review by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

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The Pregnant Entrepreneur – for Mompreneurs everywhere, pregnant or not! Book review by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

The Pregnant Entrepreneur – How to Handle Pregnancy’s Physical, Emotional and Financial Baby Bumps – While Running Your Own Business

The Pregnant Entrepreneur by Darla DemorrowI was offered a chance to review Darla DeMorrow’s book this month and I’m very glad I did.  Mompreneurs everywhere, pregnant or not, I think you should pay attention to this book!

Darla is an award-winning Certified Professional Organizer® who owns HeartWork Organizing ( based near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Pregnant Entrepreneur book covers the practical, financial and emotional aspects of dealing with a pregnancy as well as continuing to run an existing business or growing a new self-owned business.

I wish I’d been able to read The Pregnant Entrepreneur when I was pregnant – running a business (or not, as was the case at that time) it would have helped me enormously

As a British transplant in the US, I’d made the decision to leave a business, start a new marriage to a US Navy guy and then found myself pregnant 3 months after we married, with my husband deployed for 6 months in the summer of 2002.

I did some work to establish new projects but tried to do it the old way, that is – as I did before – co-directing a busy training and development business in the IT world six to seven days a week.  I soon found myself stumped as the demands of pregnancy and learning a new culture overwhelmed me.

Just reading this book would have been validating for me at the time, enabling me to focus my creative forces on something for the future for myself, encouraging me to think work was going to be possible alongside raising small children and supporting my husband’s busy career, rather than bringing me to a full stop for a while.

Learn to work full-tilt, rather than full-time

There are many lines from the book that make me chuckle as well as being validating, suchThe Pregnant Entrepreneur - working from home as some thoughts on the questions people ask you when you’re creating your own business and juggling home life – I often get asked “Do you work outside the home?”

(I’ve tried to start a regular practice twice during the last 10 years, but family pressures have prevented me from being able to balance home and work to my satisfaction, this blog and other associated activities are my third go around.)

Darla’s response to this is …”I want to have a life where I can be professional, vital, and fulfilled…so when people ask me if I work full-time, I came up with a different answer.  I decided that full-time wasn’t as important as full-tilt.  My typical work day is between two and four hours long.

Now that I think about it, I work between four and seven hours a day putting the groundwork into my business, and boy do I go full tilt when the girls are at school!

Learn to create your Lifestyle Business with The Pregnant Entrepreneur – ah!  So THAT’s what I’ve been doing!

Another really validating section of the book for me (although there are many more) is the section entitled ‘This is Your Lifestyle Business’…that is, a business “that has been built around you”.

Truthfully, the business that I co-ran in the UK was built around myself and my business partner, based on some principles that we strongly believed in and were passionate about.  We focused on using and applying particular skills that we had both developed in industry.

I used to call it ‘creating my own job’.  I’d had a few jobs in my time, but creating my own was much more fun!  I used alternative health methods during my pregnancies and became more passionate about sharing these with other mothers…which is the basis for my lifestyle business.

Your lifestyle business could be anything…from an invention to help moms and babies through to a new way to co-op babysitting in your subdivision.  (PS – when somebody comes up with that business idea, please let me know! 🙂 )

There are simple and excellent tools in The Pregnant Entrepreneur, also available for free download and printing at

Darla really shows her organizational chops in this book by including really meaty question lists and excellent supporting documentation such as forms, checklists and exercises.  You can print them online too for free at

The Pregnant Entrepreneur is now available at  Last time I looked there was one copy left in stock!  I will continue to work through the exercises myself whilst growing my lifestyle business and I’m greatful that Darla DeMorrow fulfilled one of the needs of our growing mompreneur community by writing this book.

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