Thoughtful Thursday – how to benefit from a silent meditation by Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Thoughtful Thursday

It’s Thoughtful Thursday! ‘Thought’ I’d share one way that I like to meditate

If you’ve read this blog before you may remember that I have a rescue dog called Pickle (dachshund).

She may be small but she needs to get out and about daily.  We are fortunate to have a small strip of woods near our house, and that is one of our haunts.

Like me, Pickle likes positive energy

When I walk with her, I clear my mind and get very present.

Sometimes, it’s not easy…the ‘monkey mind’, or internal dialogue or chatter, can intrude.

The other day it was two huskies who escaped from their backyard!  Pickle woofed and I did Cesar Millan’s famous ‘Shhhhhtttt!’ sound and they ran home like the sissies they were.

Positive energy is a powerful thing!

Here’s a simple method I use to make our walk a mindful, meditative experience

Whenever a thought arises…say in your mind one of three chosen words.

My chosen words for this kind of walk are

Trees, consciousness, energy

That’s it!

Here’s a video of part of our walk yesterday.  Enjoy!

Would love to hear your experiences of walking meditations…and if you employ my technique, let me know the results by commenting below or on my Facebook Page.

Until next time…

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