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What is Unity Consciousness or Global Consciousness and some ways to practice it simply

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What is Unity Consciousness or Global Consciousness and some ways to practice it simply

Unity Consciousness

What is Unity Consciousness or Global Consciousness?

Unity ConsciousnessUnity Consciousness or Global Consciousness is a term you may have heard from people who are practicing the spiritual path or spiritual journey.

In essence, Unity Consciousness is an approach or mindset where a person chooses to move past some of their installed ‘filters’ in order to connect with other people at a higher level of thought processing.

To explain further, to connect with Unity Consciousness some (or all) of the following filters need to be worked through – or put aside temporarily if you are still working on them!

To connect with Unity Consciousness or Global Consciousness, work on switching off these ‘filters’

  • Racial stereotypes block our Unity Consciousness because they enforce differences in our race, rather than similarities
  • Cultural stereotypes can block our Unity Consciousness (being ‘in’ our culture can be a very unconscious program or belief, so this can be hard for many) …a great book I’d recommend is Beyond Cultureunity consciousness by Edward T Hall – (to be crystal clear, I honor culture, but it’s empowering to learn about its’ affect on you)
  • Becoming aware and working on your unconscious agreements in life (to become more aware of those things you agreed to…but you didn’t really know you did because you were a child!) try this book – The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, A Toltec Wisdom Bookunity consciousness by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • As you become more aware, use everyday events to connect to Unity Consciousness or Global Consciousness ( see example below)
  • Meet with groups that practice principles of Unity Consciousness which match your belief systems such gratitude principles or group work principles (meditation, personal development, yoga…which means ‘union’)
  • Work to clear the energy of complaining or making complaints (see Complaint Free World).  Complaints take us to the small ‘I’ and away from the ‘we’ of Unity Consciousness.

A simple story which helped me to connect to Unity Consciousness or Global Consciousness

Unity consciousness

Oh, and the makers of this tea get a free advertisement! 🙂

Walking the dog the other day, I saw some trash on our front yard – sighed, and picked it up.  As a man jogged past, I said “I wish people would pick up their own trash!” (I was feeling somewhat irritated).  The jogger said “Thank you for doing that!”

His expression of gratitude immediately shifted my energy and I connected back by saying “Well, at least they bought organic!”  (See picture).  I immediately felt the energy of his gratitude which connected me to the wider mindset of unity consciousness and took away the feeling of irritation and ‘small mind’ …e.g. ‘they’ – someone separate to me – dropped trash on ‘my’ yard.  I also recycled the cans!  🙂

Why many people on the planet are working towards Unity Consciousness and a more global awareness

Science is beginning to tell us that we can directly affect the electromagnetic field around the planet and affect other people’s electromagnetic fields, depending upon the energy we broadcast through our bodies and minds.

Unity consciousness, whilst just being two words, can also become a keyword and a reminder to ‘broadcast’ our energy in specific ways to raise the vibration of the planet and affect our group mind or unity consciousness, to which I believe we are all connected, whether we are aware of it or not.

Here are two places where scientific data about unity consciousness is being gathered to help prove this theory.   Roger Nelson’s Global Consciousness Project.  The HeartMath Institute – Global Coherence Initiative.

The MedMob: Inquire Within movement is an example of people working in groups to magnify the feeling of Unity Consciousness.

A simple way to help create unity consciousness at home with your children

Sometimes I’ve had experiences where one of my children says “(Name) at school has this in their lunchbox” (when we don’t!) or ….”(Name) has a television in their bedroom” (which we don’t!).  I find a great response to this one is simply “In their house, I agree, that’s how they do it…in our house, we do (whatever the thing is), don’t we?”  The underlying message is – everyone does things differently…and that’s what makes us interesting as people.

This way, I teach my children that difference is OK, not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing, and still honor the other family’s approach or practice without judging it.  That way, the next generation have a head start on Unity Consciousness.


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  1. Hi Sarah — I like this post and your blog! To whatever extent you feel Nature and paying attention to all her small wonders is relevant to your spiritual journey, you may be interested in some of my work at One Man’s Wonder.
    I look forward to being in touch with MOSJ through the RSS feed. Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Jeffrey thank you so much for connecting with my blog! I read your latest post and really enjoyed it, I’ve always loved the beach and can only agree with the lady mentioned in the article. “There’s some kind of music that lives there”. And bring me dogs too! I recently adopted my first ever dog and the connection is fascinating, amazing and fun.

      We must keep writing!

  2. Ian Lawton says:

    Awesome piece Sarah- love the idea of a head start for the next generation on unity consciousness. Glad to find your blog and thanks for your comment on Soulseeds.

  3. Linda says:

    Much appreciated for the information and share!

  4. Leigh says:

    Love the post. I feel so happy every time I see someone else talking about oneness and the energy space each of us holds.

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