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Fall or Autumn in Wichita, Kansas

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Fall or Autumn in Wichita, Kansas

Fall in Kansas

fallHedge balls are falling and rolling
Blue jays are actively scolding
The squirrels jump and quiver
Coming close to dose me with their bushy-tailed, bright-eyed energy

The other night on a walk
An owl glided quietly above in the dark
A frog camped out on my garage door
A large stink beetle got chased by my dog
The stink beetle won with a shot to the eye
My dog rolling and sneezing

The woods smell fusty, leafy, brown
Leaves and hedge balls coming on down
Look up and see huge spiders on the wires
Mummifying their tasty wares

During daylight the Monarch butterflies weave their bendy way through clearings
On their Monarch mission – see, we still found the milkweed!
I walk and smell and listen and enjoy as…
It’s fall in Kansas.

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