The Soul Star Akashic Reading

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

The Soul Star Akashic Records Reading – clear blocks and restrictions!

Through this special type of Akashic Records Reading, Sarah can identify your Soul Blueprint and help you to clear blocks and restrictions.  You’ll also also hear a Past Life Story that contains a karmic pattern.  You’ll learn how to clear patterns like this.

The Soul Star Akashic Records Reading

In this Akashic Records Reading, Sarah reads your records remotely before your call.

  During the call, Sarah will inform you of a method that will help clear your blocks and restrictions.  

The call is given via Zoom, Skype or phone.   You’ll receive a recording afterward, which many clients find very useful to listen to later.

During your Soul Star Akashic Records Reading, you will discover…

  Your Soul Blueprint.  This is who you are at Soul-level.  You will also learn how that contributes to the best choices you can make for yourself in the future!

– Past Lives, 
 you’ll hear a past life Soul Story which directly connects to karmic patterns you are having difficulties with today.  You’ll also receive a method to help clear those patterns AND clear blocks and restrictions.

– Do you have P
resent Life blocks and restrictions as well?  Discover what these are, and how you can clear those blocks and restrictions too.

Discover where you are on your spiritual journey.  Before the call, Sarah will take specific measurements within your Akashic Record.  These measurements will confirm your progress on the spiritual journey.  They will also help guide you towards what to do next, to expand your vibration further. – Why clear blocks and restrictions?  Energetic blocks and restrictions can prevent you from manifesting exactly what you want!  This is because they interfere with the Law of Attraction.  Learn to attract what you DO want, rather than what you want to avoid.

Discover hidden gifts, talents and abilities.  When we are not connected to our Soul Blueprint, we don’t fully understand who we are.   When you learn about your Soul Blueprint, you may discover talents and abilities you weren’t aware of!
Once we clear blocks and restrictions, we are more in alignment with who we are at Soul-level, and we can uphold new choices and decisions for the future.

This reading uses the Soul Realignment® modality originated by Andrea Hess and Sarah is a Certified Practitioner.

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