Testimonials from clients who have worked with Sarah

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

Client Testimonials

Here’s some examples of what my clients say: –

Sarah is amazing, clear, and amazing. She is one of the best Akashic Readers.

Annie Radzus, USA
(General Readings)

Sarah helped me when my dog Bailey was transitioning. We talked over the phone, she encouraged me to release him and tell him it was okay for him to pass on. (I guess I hadn’t thought of that!)

She also communicated with Bailey directly. She asked me to put the phone close to his ear and she told him what a good boy he was.

All this support helped him and after we hung up, Bailey took his last breath and easily moved on. It was so beautiful. I’m so thankful for Sarah’s love and skill.

Wichita Holistic
Marty Golden, Wichita Holistic
(General Readings)

I first connected with Sarah in 2014 and it seems like a lifetime ago now. Over the years Sarah has helped to guide me through what feels like multiple transitions.

I have gone from feeling insecure and disconnected from life to feeling grounded and having a purpose. Sarah’s insights are instrumental in shifting what no longer serves me and have allowed me to level up and start to live a life based on Conscious Awareness. Thank you so much Sarah for sharing your incredible gifts.

Priya Shah, UK
(Soul Star Reading)

Sarah is an excellent teacher! Her teaching style is very down to earth, she is full of compassion and has a wealth of spiritual knowledge to share. I would recommend (Sarah) to anyone looking to learn to read their own Akashic Records or the student looking to become more spiritually aware.

human design readings
T.K. (Learn to Read your Akashic Records Coaching)

I finished the 21-day prayer a couple of weeks ago and it felt great! I started feeling more energy throughout the prayer process. The reading and the past life experience have been so incredibly healing for me as well. Words cannot describe how wonderful it was to learn more about my soul’s origin and how my past life has influenced me in the present. Thank you Sarah for the work that you do!

new normal
(Soul Star Reading)

My Soul Star reading from Sarah was absolutely a-ma-zing!!!! It clarified so many things for me, answered questions I’ve had for a long time……..and it was spot on in every single aspect. Sarah identified a blockage that was coming from an outside source. That has been cleared, and things in my life have been taking off for me in ways I could never have imagined.

Shift 2012
Jaci Sivley, USA
(Soul Star Reading)

Sarah was warm, receptive and informative. The akashic record reading she performed was incredibly insightful. I learned a great deal about my main soul purpose, guidance from my spirit guides in various aspects of my life from career to spiritual (even signs they leave me), and things I never even knew about myself (that I’m clairvoyant and clairauditory).

I look forward to one day soon having a soul star reading! Thank you for everything!! I’m truly touched.

soul purpose

My reading with her was absolutely amazing! It was like she knew me personally. She brought up some very personal things to work on.

peace from broken pieces
Rose Samples, USA

Five Stars.

Tiffany Stokley, USA