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Enhance your Intuition through the Akashic Records

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Discover how we are all connected through working with your Akashic Records, work with your Spirit Guides, become more intuitive!  Once we learn to connect with both our internal world and our Akashic Records, our intuition expands.


There’s a lot of different methods out there for working with your intuition and even growing your psychic ability.  The Akashic Records are a proven way to achieve both of those goals.


There are many mysteries in the world, and we may not learn all of them this time around, but the Akashic Records can help with many of the answers.  Plus, as you become more intuitive, you will also find it easier to discover more answers by yourself.


To get started with your intuitive work, you can choose a General Akashic Reading and bring your own questions

Start with a General Reading to answer those questions that have been on your mind for a while.  Sarah will look at your enquiries from the perspective of your Divine Soul Blueprint, as well as from the context of your Past Lives and your present subconscious blocks and restrictions.  Get a sense of how to begin to work with the Akashic Energy with a General Reading, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour slots available.

Enhance your Intuition by working through this series of readings with Sarah – more in-depth than a General Reading

These readings reconnect you with your Divine Soul Blueprint, your Spirit Guides, and your Soul Purpose.  You will also be able to clarify hidden energetic blocks and restrctions that are holding you back, and be able to clear them, if you choose.  Working with your own Akashic Records naturally increases your intuitive awareness.  Warning – personal growth may result!


49 different questions answered about your Akashic Records, and put in an easily digestible format.  Learn more about your Divine Gifts, hear a Past Life Story that most relates to present life, and learn how to clear blocks and restrictions from your Akashic Record.   You will access more Vital Force Energy afterward, which results in greater ease working with your intuition.

Tell Me More About the Soul Star Reading

Sarah connects you with your Inner Circle Spirit Guides, who are here to help you express your Divinity and Abundance.  Create a stronger connection with your guides through this reading.  They are a big part of your intuition and this connection will boost your abiilities!

Tell Me More About The Spirit Guide Reading

The Soul Purpose Reading informs us of the strength of our Higher Self Connection and how to expand its’ bandwith further.  We also learn of any Soul Specializations, which can explain our life experiences to date in a whole new light.  Discover your Primary Life Lesson to understand why you are where you are now on the spiritual journey.

Tell Me More About The Soul Purpose Reading

We can often find ourselves in sticky life situations, whether they are to do with relationships, family dynamics, work-life, personal growth or spiritual expansion.  Submit up to 4 Life Situations for an in-depth look at the blocks and restrictions holding you back – and take the action to clear them.

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Are you on the spiritual journey and looking for an updated relevant, modern approach? 

Then you have come to the right place!

Sarah has spent over 20 years on the spiritual journey so far as a certified energy worker and NLP™ practitioner. For the last 10 years, she has been giving Akashic Records Readings to a growing client base assisting with everyday issues. Modern Spirituality can be about managing your energy, clearing energetic blocks and restrictions, and becoming more abundant, whatever that means for you.

The Akashic Records are a powerful and accurate entry point into your Personal Energy Field, enabling you to relate to your spiritual growth in practical and useful ways — anything from discovering past life patterns and karma to increasing your intuitive awareness (very useful). Feel free to message her at the private client portal to chat directly.


What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records, or A-Field, are the recordings of our conscious experiences as Souls incarnated into human bodies.  Sarah had a spontaneous opening to the Akashic Records in 2010, and can tune into this information field to help you answer questions in the following ways.


Clients often have a sneaking suspicion that some of their issues are repeating cycles from karma.  This can be identified  in your Akashic Record as genetic or soul level karma.


Our ability to manifest is karmic, and our intentions to create the future can be restricted by past issues.  Identify blocks and restrictions and discover ways to clear them from your Akashic Record.


Knowing where we have come from, and why we are here can be incredibly useful on the Spiritual Journey.  Discover Soul Purposes and Life Themes through the lens of your Akashic Record.


What are we best at?  What can we focus on to create more abundance and fulfillment?  Our Soul Blueprint is the great informer and can help us re-align with our innate gifts.

Client Testimonials

Here is what some of Sarah’s clients say

I first connected with Sarah in 2014 and it seems like a lifetime ago now. Over the years Sarah has helped to guide me through what feels like multiple transitions. I have gone from feeling insecure and disconnected from life to feeling grounded and having a purpose. Sarah’s insights are instrumental in shifting what no longer serves me and have allowed me to level up and start to live a life based on Conscious Awareness. Thank you so much Sarah for sharing your incredible gifts.

Priya Shah, UK

My Soul Star reading from Sarah was absolutely a-ma-zing!!!! It clarified so many things for me, answered questions I’ve had for a long time……..and it was spot on in every single aspect. Sarah identified a blockage that was coming from an outside source. That has been cleared, and things in my life have been taking off for me in ways I could never have imagined.

Jaci Sivley, EFT Tapping Practitioner

Sarah is an excellent teacher! Her teaching style is very down to earth, she is full of compassion and has a wealth of spiritual knowledge to share.

I would recommend (Sarah) to anyone looking to learn to read their own Akashic Records or the student looking to become more spiritually aware.


Latest blog posts

Sarah has published this blog since 2010, when she had a spontaneous opening to the Akashic Records.  There’s lots of useful reading here.

intuition for self-healing

Working with your intuition for self-healing with Oracle Cards

How can you work your intuition for self-healing?  The truth is that we all have some level of intuition already active within us when it comes to our health. There are several tools and approaches we can employ through our own intuition to help us heal and grow.

The great thing about intuitive tools is that their results are measurable, so that’s an indicator that we are not only applying our intuition but logic and reason only in the self-healing process! Learn more about how to use Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards to support your intuitive growth.

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How to enhance your intuition? What is intuition, really, and how is it possible to enhance your intuition? There is the intuition that is natural to humans, such as feeling[…]

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Soul Contracts

The Akashic Records – Soul Contracts

The book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Akashic Record: Tap into the Timeless Wisdom of the Universe (Complete Idiot’s Guides (Lifestyle Paperback)) talks about Soul Mates and Soul Contracts, and how they are together for a reason.

This book has some surprisingly useful information in it, despite the title!  It covers Soul Mates being together under the following circumstances:-

Soul Mates
Twin Souls
Unrequited Love
Difficult Relationships
Lack of Relationship
Family Ties
Parents, Siblings, and Children.

Soul Contracts are pre-life agreements that result in the high likelihood of people meeting or even reincarnating together.  The reason that Souls connect through Soul Contracts is to work out karma and to grow as individual souls.

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enforced meditation

Enforced meditation during this pandemic

Like many people at present, I am working from home and experiencing periods of enforced meditation. I am currently offering readings from my home office only via Skype, Zoom, or phone.

Luckily, in my line of work energy is energy whichever way you slice it.   I can read your energy even from a social distance! (I only ever read energy with your permission, by the way).

Here is some information about the two most popular Akashic Records Readings I offer, plus 3 ideas to make a little more of our enforced meditation time at home.

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psychic people

What do psychic people eat?

How does psychic ability affect the body, and how do psychic people manage their diet and energy? After 15 years of practicing energy work, and 10 years giving Akashic Records Readings for clients, Sarah has figured out some ways to manage her energy through diet.

Here are some tips for anyone who is working with energy, giving psychic readings for clients, or embarking on a study of the spiritual. Diet can definitely support us on the spiritual journey!

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remember past lives

Why can’t we remember past lives?

Why can’t we remember our past lives, and will there come a time when we are able to recall all of them? These are questions I often hear from clients, and the question came up on Quora this month too, so I decided it was time to expand on my answers somewhat.

So, if past lives interest you, find out more about past life recall and why we are currently only remembering a little at a time. The prospect of remembering all of our past lives at once could be truly overwhelming in our current frame of reference, so it’s a relief to know we have Akashic Guides who only give us information that we are ready to know at this time. Read on…

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