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Sarah Lawrence is a sensitive intuitive and has been specializing in Past Life Readings since 2010, Psychic and Energy Work since 2003. Learn more about yourself as a Soul from this lifetime and from Past Lives too. Discover the Star that you are by discovering your Soul's Journey, Soul Group and even Star Family. Connect with your Spirit Guides for greater intuitive expression. Examine Past Lives in order to clear karmic issues. Focus on greater abundance, improved relationships and feel more energetic. Mom On A Spiritual Journey - Spirituality and Personal Growth through your Akashic Records.

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Begin your Akashic Awakening with these 5 readings!

Awaken your Akashic Energy with the first 5 readings fromLevel 1
Akashic Readings with Sarah – awakening your Akashic Records (Level 1 Cycle)  When you decide to have an Akashic Records
Akashic Records Readings - what are the Akashic Records? Akashic Records Readings are a different type of intuitive, or psychic
Stargate Readings within the Akashic Records A Stargate Reading is a powerful spiritual experience. This is a Stargate, created by
Chakra Readings - rebalance your chi through taking action Many people in the West are now awakening to the benefit
What is a Spirit Guide Reading? A Spirit Guide Reading is more in-depth than a General Akashic Reading.  It also
  What is a Soul Star Akashic Reading? A Soul Star Akashic reading is more in-depth than a General Akashic


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My Akashic Records Reading with Sarah was an amazing experience both spiritually and mentally. 


The insights on my family issue that she provided were truly precious and resulted in noticeable positive changes…


Now, two months later looking at my notes from the reading I’m finding a deeper meaning to her words and suggestions: I guess Akasha (and Sarah) keep working with me long after the session is over!  Irina Grundler, EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner.

Irina Grundler Akashic Records Reading September 20, 2014

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Akashic Records Coaching and Readings with Sarah, blog posts about spirituality

Through Akashic Records coaching work with Sarah, you can learn about your Soul Purpose.  What about your Life Purpose and Themes?  Then you have come to the right place.

The Akashic Records Readings Sarah gives are a different type of intuitive reading.

You connect with Past Lives as well as working with present life issues.  It’s possible to learn who you are from your entire journey since the beginning of your time here.

Working with Sarah this way, you can learn more about yourself as a Soul from this lifetime and from Past Lives too.

Learn more about your Soul Purpose to make sure steps forward.  Clear karmic issues by examing Past Lives in the Akashic Records.  It’s possible that you are carrying forward energetic blocks and restrictions from life to life as you reincarnate that may be holding you back.

Find ways to get rid of those annoying repeating relationships through your work with the Akashic Records.  Clear bad karmic connections.  Clear behavior hang-ups that are preventing you from reaching your goals.

Choose from

Connect with your Personal Energy Field to gain more clarity about your personal expression at the Soul Level.

Reconnect with your Spirit Guides to learn about your Soul’s Journey.   Find clarity.  Find your life purpose.  Make better choices.

This type of work is the most effective practice I have found to enable personal growth and enlightenment for clients.  Message me today and learn more about you, your Past Lives, Soul Purpose, and Life purpose!

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