Master Guides Reading

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

Master Guides Reading

Connect with your Master Guides, those Guides in your Outer Circle.  Think of these Guides like ‘guide CEOs’, they help manage higher level life themes, other Guides, and how to clear karma.

Master Guides Reading

Have you ever wondered how many Spirit Guides you have?  And if so, who manages them?  It’s time to find out.


Have the Master Guides Reading to discover the 6 Spirit Guides who manage your Inner Circle Spirit Guides, plus other major areas of your life.

The Master Guide is the CEO or leader of your Guides.  Connect with this Spirit Guide through this reading for greater awareness of your Guide Groups.  The Master Guide can also help you with information on how to collaborate with your Higher Self.  (The Higher Self is another term for your Intuitive Aspect).

Your Gatekeeper Guide works with your Soul-level memory files.  This Guide helps you choose your appropriate path in harmony with your Soul purpose for this lifetime.

Your Timing Guide works closely with the Gatekeeper and is here to help with appropriate timing of your life experiences.   We’d all love to have things straightaway.  Sometimes, though, we know the timing is off.  Learning more about ideal timing is extremely helpful on the spiritual journey and life journey.

Your Karmic Technician is responsible for assisting in the resolution of any unfinished business you may have in life this time around.  Clearing all that we can karmically gives us more peace and contentment in present life.  Clearing karmic issues can also release more Vital Force Energy or chi, which means we end up with more energy to do the things we love right now!

Your Creative Guide assists you with creative flow in all its’ aspects, form, function, beauty and creativity – however you wish to manifest them in the world.  Being connected with your Creative Guide is enormously helpful in daily life.  This connection is also of great benefit to artists, writers and business owners.

Your Astral Guide assists you during Astral Travel, whether during sleep or meditation and helps you to travel safely.  There are 7 positive and 7 negative astrals.  It’s good to be able to use your astral time for comfortable rest, and sometimes to receive amazing messages.