Are You a Mintakan Starseed? How to Learn More About Your Soul Group

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Are You a Mintakan Starseed? How to Learn More About Your Soul Group

mintakan starseed

What is a Mintakan Starseed, Starseeds in general – and how can you learn more about your Soul Group of Origination? Have the Soul Star reading to learn more.

What is a Starseed?

A Starseed is a Soul that has experienced other lives away from the Earth’s Solar System.

What is a Mintakan Starseed?

I first discovered I was a Mintakan Starseed when a friend introduced me to the Soul Realignment process.

I was already giving Akashic Records Readings as way to introduce people to the concept of their Akashic Records and past lives.

Clients were getting a lot out of receiving information from past life aspects of themselves.  It gave them context on their current Soul trajectory. 

Knowing where you’ve come from – at least on Earth – is an extremely helpful way to understand why you might be experiencing some present life trials and tribulations.

Context is everything when it comes to past life readings!

For example, if you feel like you keep attracting a certain type of relationship, the issue could be related to a pattern from your young life. 

Or, it could even be related to a type of relationship you have experienced in a past life once, or maybe more than once.

The Mintakan Starseed experience

I have been married twice and was struggling to keep my second marriage going when my friend began Soul Realignment Readings.

We had gone through many experiences together, having met at an EMF Balancing Technique class and we had hit it off, feeling in sync.

Other people noticed in the class and felt that we had met before. 

So, it’s good to know that we can have good relationships in past lives, as well as difficult ones.  It’s heartening when a strong Soul connection between lightworkers is made like this.

My friend and I would continue to qualify in classes together and share accommodations when we traveled to trainings and events, too.

Then, she called me around 2015, saying I really needed to experience this Soul Realignment work. 

Reading exchange and a revelation

During this reading, I discovered some helpful and enlightening information about my Soul-level energy, and also about my Soul group of origination.

I am a Mintakan Starseed!

This explained why I had long been interested in: –

Science Fiction – I had read every Ray Bradbury novel by the time I was 13!

I had often looked up at the night sky and noticed Orion’s belt in the sky.

Orion’s Starchildren – the pattern of 3

I had an unusual pattern of three moles on my arm, and I used to show it to my mum and jokingly say: –

See, I’m a starchild of Orion!

Since childhood, on going to sleep, I sensed a group of Souls standing around me.  It was one reason why as a child I always insisted on a night light.

Spiritual work and higher life themes such as body healing, world peace and a desire to stop violence were always a big part of my interests.

Are you a Mintakan Starseed?

You may resonate with some or all of this information in some way. 

All Mintakan Starseeds originally incarnated as a higher species of beings and lived a more utopian life.

This doesn’t mean we are ‘better’ than other Soul Groups incarnating on Earth, all Soul Groups have their karmic reasons for coming here.

The Soul wants to experience itself by incarnating in many different places.

The best way to know your Soul Group of Origination for sure is to have the Soul Star Reading. 

You’ll discover your Soul Group and the main energy centers transmitted by your Divine Soul Blueprint. 

Plus, you’ll learn how to clear blocks and restrictions from a past life that affects present life circumstances – whether it’s a relationship, a circumstance, a health issue, or something else.

After my friend read for me, I took the Soul Realignment training, and have been giving these readings since 2016.

Many different Soul Groups here

There are over 24 different Soul Group types currently incarnating on Earth.  Off-world groups and Soul Groups are very interested in our planet, since we are at an evolutionary step from 3D/4D living.

We are moving to an awareness of 5th dimensional energy, which is the realm of the Soul, the Akashic Records and Spirit Guides.

Many people are going through vibrational expansion at this time and want to reconnect with their Soul Group of Origin.

Are you a Mintakan Starseed? Find out with the Soul Star Reading.

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