What Needs Healing Right Now? Pick a Card

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

What Needs Healing Right Now? Pick a Card

pick a card

Choose from one of the three card piles below for your free pick a card reading with the Akashic Tarot. Tune into your Spirit Guides by saying “Thank you, Guides”, then select one of the three cards from the picture below.

Pick a card reading with the Akashic Tarot

What I love about the Akashic Tarot deck is how straightforward the cards are. And the capacity for us to be drawn inwards to a more mystical space can happen almost immediately.

Choose the link to cards 1, 2 or 3 directly below the picture and delve into your reading.

pick a card

The Akashic Library – Pile 1

Archangel Raphael – Pile 2

Increscent Moon – Pile 3

First Pick A Card— The Akashic Library — Major Arcana

Whatever your healing question is, this card is telling you that the answer lies in your Akashic Records.

The Akasha, or Akashic Records are the electromagnetic storage location of past and present life data for the Soul.

When we learn about past lives, we get context on our Souls Trajectory – that means: –

  • why we are here now.
  • Where we came from
  • What karma we have
  • Why we are experiencing this current life.

The sage shown in the Akashic Library card is beckoning you into a realm where answers to your questions are found in your history.

This can also indicate that you are ready to move into higher awareness.

Most people that come to me for an Akashic Reading are doing so because they are having an opening to fifth-dimensional awareness.

This is where your Akashic Records and your Inner Circle Spirit Guides reside.

Pile 1 – the cards underneath the Akashic Library Pick A Card

pick a card

The War of the Roses Card – 6 of Roses

Whatever you are working on healing – whether it’s physical, mental or emotional, or perhaps a relationship or life circumstance – the root cause is some kind of power struggle within a relationship.

The 6 of Roses card would always come up for me at times when my ex would decide to do something nasty.

Your issue could be as bad as a divorce or legal fight, as simple as an argument, or as chronically annoying as a long-standing irritation with someone.

This may be an intimate partner, family member, friend, colleague or boss.

The first person you think about IS the issue.

Six is the number of the Soul in the Tree of Life, and also the gate of conflict resolution in Human Design.

I know Gate 6 well, because I have it in my chart in unconscious Earth and conscious Moon. Relationships, and smoothing the way to conflict resolution are things I am here to work on.

Do you feel this issue is with a present life incarnated person, or someone from a past life? Check in with yourself to establish this before considering the next card.

The Roses Cards – these are the Akashic Tarot version of the Cups in traditional tarot, covering relationship issues, emotions, community, children, homes, personal and inner conflicts.

The Sands of Time Card 6 of Scrolls (Reversed)

Time is a perception, but also a dimension or 3D.

It’s part of our reality, even if it isn’t a reality at the Soul level.

The mystical opening to the Sands of Time card (reversed, or upside-down) tells me that you might feel rushed or pressured to work through whatever this relationship issue is.

You don’t need to feel that way, it’s an illusion. Avoid falling into the trap of accepting other people’s projections as your reality.

Take your time to do whatever research is needed to heal whatever has come up for you.

Breathe deeply into your Solar Plexus Chakra where Gate 6, Conflict Resolution, resides. Pause, take a breath, or several, and take some time for yourself to decide what to do.

The Scrolls in Akashic Tarot relate to the arena of the mind, messages, communication, histories, philosophy, study, maps of all kinds, art and conscious manifestation.

The Akashic Field – 1 of Forces

If this issue is really affecting your health, this card is an indication that the irritation or emotional load is a projection from someone else. They are downloading this into your emotional field!

The Akashic Field is made of emotion. It’s how our past lives and present life are stored as electromagnetic emotional energy.

So, just like the previous card, do your best to avoid being pushed around by somebody else’s projections.

Currently, these projects are just ideas, and so are in the realm of 4D, which Edgar Cayce called The Realm of Ideas.

You can create your own reality around this issue.

Meditate on the Akashic Records and consider your past lives and Soul Trajectory. From here, you’ll get the answers you seek.

Pile 2 – Archangel Raphael

pick a card

Whatever your healing question is, this card is telling you that invoking the help of Archangel Raphael with his powerful green healing rays will help your situation.

Have you been working with the Angels?

Angelic energy can be enormously powerful, whether you think of Angels as religious icons, or simply higher vibrational beings.

Archangel Raphael is the Angel of the East, so you can face East and ask for healing rays to be transmitted to you from his energy around this healing issue.

Pile 2 – the Pick A card selection underneath Archangel Raphael

pick a card

Uriel and the Spinx – 21 – Major Arcana (Reversed)

Another angelic card shows me that yes, either you have been working with angel energy already, or you need to be!

Archangels Raphael AND Uriel in the same spread can’t be wrong.

Uriel is the Angel of the North, and transmits deep red healing energy, which is often used to clear blocks and restrictions in Pranic energy work.

Prana is the life-force, or chi, that powers our bodies. This card is shown reversed (upside-down), just like the Sphinx in the past, this shows that you have allowed the sands of time to cover up an issue that is now rearing its’ head again.

If you need help from others around you with this issue, now is the time ask for it, whether it’s a medical issue, emotional issue or a mental health issue.

Request Uriel’s help to give you strength to face up to this issue and begin the healing process. You can do it!

Will, Wisdom and Mind – 20 – Major Arcana (Reversed)

This card is displayed reversed (upside-down) and represents the energy of the Ascended Masters.

When it’s upside down, it can indicate a loss of authority, or the fact that you have been spinning your wheels over this healing issue. (This is echoing the previous card).

If you have been overthinking rather than doing anything about this issue, this is — of course — a natural human tendency, but now is the time to get unstuck.

To get out of your head, reconnect with higher guidance to help you get back into balance.

Since the next card is a specific Ascended Master, St Germaine, this card points to taking action with him to help resolve your healing issue.

Initiation and the Count St. Germaine – 14 – Major Arcana

St. Germaine is a powerful Ascended Master associated with healing and the Violet Flame or violet healing ray.

It’s time to embrace spiritual and energetic expansion of some kind. In the realm of health, now is the time to look at your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and put new checks and balances into place.

The time for change is at hand, and you can use St. Germaine’s healing violet energies to help you to move forward.

Here’s an exercise I wrote to help clients work with St. Germaine, please feel free to use it.

Pile 3 Pick a Card – Increscent Moon

Whatever your healing question is, this card is telling you that you can help to heal yourself through creative work.

The focus needs to be on aligning yourself with the energies of increase and abundance.

Have you been stopping your own creative expression — whether literally through artistic pursuits, or the creation and manifestation of a new project or idea?

Holding back like this is injurious to your health.

When a Shaman friend lived near me, she would make the most amazing, beaded bags, rattles and drums.

On moving to a new location, she said she would always set up her worktable first, even with boxes all around her.

If she didn’t, the lack of creative output would start to give her migraine headaches in a week or two.

You are holding back in some way from essential expressions that will give you balanced health, or heal something, so you need to move forward with this healing issue.

Pile 3 – the cards underneath Increscent Moon

Winged Messengers – 2 of Roses (Reversed)

The 2 of Roses card is displayed reversed (upside-down).

Have you been feeling fearful, and letting the voice of fear drown out your connection to Spirit in some way?

Sometimes, reversed cards can seem scary, but essentially over time you will realize that access to this information is truly where the gold is.

It’s possible that some financial issues may be coming up with you as an aspect of your healing issue.

Some people around you may also be acting in a stubborn manner and worsening the situation.

Step away from the hot coals and the feeling of getting your fingers burned and spend some time with your own guidance and Spirit Guides (the Winged Messengers).

This will start to give you more clarity around the issue, rather than being caught up in the drama and negativity surrounding it, which doesn’t help anyone’s health, least of all yours.

Have faith in your own guidance and pay more attention to it.

The Roses are the Akashic Tarot version of the Cups in traditional tarot, covering relationship issues, emotions, community, children, homes, personal and inner conflicts.

The Lookout – 17 – Major Arcana

This card echoes the previous selection — there is a challenging situation to face up to.

The Lookout is high up and if he is not careful with his balance, he could ‘fall’.

Become the Lookout in your life and scan your life from a higher perspective.

Is there something you are missing here that could help you resolve your healing issue?

Take some time to consider how you’d like your life to play out after this healing issue is resolved.

The Higher Perspective is always helpful when the next challenging issue, circumstance or person ‘hoves to’ on the horizon.

If you are struggling to see the higher perspective, find a friend you can trust who is good at holding the space for you while you verbalize your issue.

This will help to get the energy moving and give you access to the higher perspective.

The Lookout’s telescope is pointing towards the next card, the 3 of Scrolls, Setting Your Course.

These two cards are working in tandem to tell you it is time to make a decision and sort out whatever is going on here, so that you can put it behind you.

3 of Scrolls – Setting Your Course

Whatever your healing issue is, this is the future that you will begin to move towards when you get past the limiting factors holding you back.

The ship is headed towards a rainbow (pot of gold — signifying money and good energy).

Are you involved in business, or considering changing your job?

Take some time to consider your future requirements, both with money and with your desired levels of personal satisfaction, especially in work or occupation.

When you get in more alignment with your Guides (Winged Messengers), spend some time in reflection, and then take action — you will get past the ‘burning ship’ holding you back from personal progress.

Aligning with your personal view of the Divine will help support whatever decisions you make, and free you up to step forward into more aligned and less stressful life situations. This will be much better for your health.

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