Find Your Destiny Using the Sacred Destiny Cards by Denise Linn

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Find Your Destiny Using the Sacred Destiny Cards by Denise Linn

find your destiny

How can we find our destiny in the modern world when there are so many opportunities out there? Learn about the 5 specific energies to invoke, then align the themes that come through in this card reading. This will help you to begin to interpret your current life destiny path. This example reading uses Denise Linn’s Sacred Destiny cards.

How to find your destiny in the world?

We would all like to find our destiny. One of the difficulties of doing so can be because we lack the clarity of Higher Self connection.

The truth is that a consistent spiritual connection is a challenging thing to attain. It requires focus, energy work and a regular spiritual practice to make this connection stronger.

We are not all like Edgar Cayce, giving 14,000 readings in our lifetime. I am around the 2,000-reading mark at this stage, and that practice has taken several years.

However, Edgar Cayce did have some great exercises to help us with our Higher Self connection.

Learning to access our Akashic Records is definitely one way to increase the connection to the Higher Self.

Another way to do this is to work on a reading using a divination tool, such as Oracle Cards.

Find your destiny with the Sacred Destiny cards

Today I found the eclipse energy quite difficult to process. Gate 51 from Human Design is active throughout this eclipse. It’s activating our heart chakras with the energy of ‘The Jolt‘.

My essential Human Design has an undefined heart center. So, any day where the transit field activates my heart energy by creating a defined heart can feel more emotional. It can even feel quite heavy.

I decided to do this 5-card reading using Denise Linn’s Sacred Oracle Destiny Deck (a 52-card deck to discover the landscape of your Soul).

Here’s my reading with some explanations and preparation hints to help you out. Perhaps you have these cards and would like to find your destiny for yourself.

If you’d like a destiny reading of your own with me after reading this, just use this link to message me at the secure client portal.

5 cards, five different energies or aspects to find your destiny

The 5-card reading invokes 5 different energies: –

#1 – Higher Self (you)

I like Edgar Cayce’s interpretation of the Higher Self. It’s your energetic connection to your Soul.

The Higher Self manages aspects of your spirituality, such as numbers and types of Spirit Guides.

You can learn to expand your connection to your conscious and subconscious Higher Self through regular spiritual practice.

If you want to know your current measurements for this connection, I cover that in my Soul Purpose Reading. I also include some recommendations for regular spiritual practice to help you expand your Higher Self Connection.

#2 – Message from the Heavens

I also like the interpretation of ‘Midheaven’ or medium coeli (MC) from Astrology. This can be a useful frame of reference to invoke before you select your card.

In traditional astrology, having your midheaven read can relate to professional life, public image and career path.

There are four angles in a birth chart relating to the heavens. It won’t hurt to call in all 4 as you select your card. These are – Ascendant (rising sign), Descendant, imum coeli (IC) and medium coeli (MC).

#3 – Message from the Earth

In Pranic healing, it’s believed that we send energy from our bodies down into the Earth through the feet.

Elements or energies from our bodies then activate co-resonant energies as we step forward in life. These energies are believed to be below us in the Earth.

This is sometimes interpreted as manifestation or even karma.

Call in Divine Earth mother, any types of crystals, animals, birds, insects or other Earth elements. Choose ones that you resonate with before you choose the Message from the Earth card.

#4 – Message from your Ancestors

Ancestors, or even Loved Ones who have passed in this lifetime, can give us powerful support when selecting cards.

Since once they have passed on, Loved Ones are now at Soul-level and have our best interests at heart.

These types of guides will be especially helpful during a find your destiny reading.

It’s also a very comforting thing to invoke Loved Ones before a reading. Ancestors also support us energetically through our DNA and our Akashic Records.

#5 – Message from your Future Self.

I first experienced this concept as a creative visualization exercise called teleology.

  1. philosophy – the explanation of phenomena in terms of the purpose they serve rather than of the cause by which they arise: “no theory of history can do without teleology” · “his theory of class consciousness is predicated on a teleology
    • theology – the doctrine of design and purpose in the material world.
Oxford language dictionary

During an NLP™ (Neuro-Linguistic Programming™) training, we practiced connecting with images of our future selves. This kind of teleological practice can be helpful – both for inspiration and a higher perspective.

Imagine yourself as you would like to be. Select a time range for however many years into the future you choose before you select your card.

Two to five years is a good range to choose from, depending on the nature of your destiny question.

My find your destiny card results

find your destiny

Center Card – Higher Self – Voyage (humpback whale)

This card represents my Higher Self or me for this reading. The card depicts the humpback whale, which make the longest journeys of any mammal on the planet.

I am going on a long journey this summer, and I might even hear or see a whale!

I only booked the first part of the travel late last week – which is literally a voyage, so I find this to be a very helpful confirmation.

The card reminds me to enjoy the journey, as well as the destination.

Top Card – Heaven – Release (Autumn light)

The essential message of this card is all about letting go. I have been thinking about releasing where I live now and moving away.

I may be moving to a new town, or even a different country. I have been considering putting my house on the market in August or September, so the Autumn light reference is helpful.

The card also recommends I declutter my house!

I have started this very recently, since my son has left for college and now, I’m ready to change things at home.

I also like Denise Linn’s suggestion that decluttering is ‘modern alchemy‘.

Bottom card – Message from the Earth – Opportunity – Moon through Pine Trees

I love pine trees and have enjoyed houses where they are located.

When I was a child, there was a huge pine tree by my house. The ‘swoosh’ of the wind through the needles used to send me to sleep at night.

Pines represent longevity, health and abundance. I’m also waiting for a pine essential oil to arrive in the mail to help me with a minor health issue.

This card is reminding me to be grateful for the ebb and flow of abundance into my life, and to focus on abundance rather than lack.

If I do move, I shall be looking for pine trees nearby.

Left Hand Card – Message from the Ancestors – Purification – Summer Rain

This card is significant to me first of all because it shows the State flower of where I am living now – Kansas.

Purifying Kansas can be one literal interpretation of this card.

The Sacred Landscape interpretation is that new vibrant energy can’t enter with old and outdated energy in the way.

I have been ready to leave this State for a while now, and this is the second card in the drawing to indicate that I need to cleanse, clear and declutter.

I think you can see what this reading is helping me to decide regards my future destiny.

Right Hand Card – Future Self – Inner Peace (Lily Pond)

I asked for my Future Self to show probabilities for up to the next 2 years in this find your destiny reading.

Peace is very significant to me, since I’m a Human Design Manifestor. When I am aligned, peace is my natural state.

I’m also looking for somewhere where I can work, play and relax in a relatively local area, and be nearer to family and friends also.

The lily pads are also indicators that I am ready to rise out of the darkness of my past history in Kansas. (Spiritual reference to the muddy lotus).

There’s been much difficulty and struggle living here, and I’m ready to leave it behind and start afresh.

This card also indicates that divine planning has a hand in my desire to move on.

My reading in Summary

I have been feeling antsy for a while now, wondering whether it’s time to leave this town.

I’m an empty nester this year, and the longer I am, the greater desire I have to resettle elsewhere.

It’s not an easy decision, since it could mean living in a different country to my child.

I feel supported by the energies I have consulted with this reading, so will be decluttering with a vengeance at the very least before I go on my travels.

Hopefully you can begin to see how to start interpreting a find your destiny reading like this from this post.

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