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Readings with Sarah

Akashic Records Readings with Sarah Lawrence


Readings with Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

1. General Akashic Records Readings, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1-hour

General Akashic Records Readings are useful for

  • Bringing a current problem or issue to the table for more clarity by asking for answers from your Akashic Guides.
  • Asking about a very specific Life Issue such as buying a house or having a problem with your Mother-In-Law!
  • Learning about family pathology, or generational patterns (e.g unwanted behaviors or conditions which have been passed down through your family)
  • Achieve resolution or gain clarity by learning about a Past Life.   Often Past Lives can be a resource to help give us answers to current problems, circumstances or issues that we are facing.
  • Learning about repeating cycles or issues in your life from a Higher Perspective, and if they are karmic.


2. Soul Star Akashic Reading

A Soul Star Akashic Reading is an in-depth reading, the first part of which is carried out remotely.

Sarah will take some personal details from you to be able to access your Akashic Records and work in your Records for about an hour before you connect with her.
Then the Reading itself via Skype or phone will take about 1 hour 15 minutes.

readingsThe Soul Star Akashic Reading enables you to

  • Learn about your Soul Level Identity – where you first incarnated, and your Soul Group of origination
  • Learn more about your Soul Personality – your Soul’s Energy Centers, Mystery Schools, and Past Positive experiences on Earth
  • Clear energetic blocks and restrictions
  • Receive a Spirit Guide upgrade if appropriate
  • Clear your Energy Body of unwanted Past Life connections if appropriate, freeing up more ‘chi’ or Life Force
  • Reconnect you with the true nature of your Soul


3. Access your own Akashic Records for Spiritual Practice

Akashic Records Reading

Are you on a fast-track spiritual path and do you want to be sure you are accessing the Akashic Records correctly?

This three-part coaching course – Akashic Foundations – can get you there.

Learn how to be sure you are in the Records, how to grow your spiritual ‘muscle’, and how to read your Past Lives for Personal Spiritual Growth.

Click  here to read more>>

4. Sarah helps you set your goals with Energetic Goal Setting

energetic goal settingEnergetic Goal Setting – or how to set goals using the wisdom of your Personal Energy!

Have you ever gone to a fortune teller?

Most people who are interested in psychic or energetic work have gone to fortune tellers or psychics to discover their future or ask about future outcomes.

Some futures foretold never seem to manifest and are totally off the mark…yet other readings are amazingly accurate and extremely helpful.
Sarah has done some research into this phenomenon over the years and has put together a system to help you succeed using
  • the wisdom of your Akashic Records
  • Positive coaching methods using NLP(TM) and the MythoSelf(TM) approach
  • Checking on future possibilities and probabilities with the Runes
  • Energetic guidance and coaching that comes up during your Guidance sessions.

Do the Energetic Goal Setting quiz and sign up for this three-part coaching course>>

5. Rune Readings with Sarah


What are Runes?

The Runes, or Elder Futhark Runes, were one of the earliest forms of writing in North Eastern Europe.
Runes have been in use as back as far as approximately AD 400.
Their ancient wisdom as magical creations and sacred symbolism still influence us right up to the modern day.
We learned to ‘spell’ with Runes, and many of the Runes were created to reflect the power of the Ancient Norse Gods.
In fact, many of the letters on this page originated from Runes!
Choose from a half-hour question-and-answer reading or a more in-depth 1-hour reading.

Choose a half-hour reading for

  • Choosing a direction to go forward, or asking ‘Will I?’ ‘When Should I?’ or ‘What Should I?’ type questions
  • To connect with a Loved One

Choose a 1-hour reading for

  • A more in-depth Life Reading
  • To do some deep Spiritual Work
  • Connect with the Realm of Ideas (4th dimension) to inquire about the outcome of Goals or Projects
  • Creating an energetic clearing or circle of protection by working with one Rune or a group of Runes, (called a ‘Helm’).

Not sure where to start, but know you want to?

Just connect with me at the Client Portal, and we can discuss the best path for you>>

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