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Soul Purpose Reading

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

The Soul Purpose Reading

Many of us on the spiritual journey want to know why we are here. The Soul Purpose Reading helps us to answer those questions.
Once we are on the path of spiritual awakening, our self-awareness increases and we want to know more.
The Soul Purpose Reading works very well after you have had your Soul Star Reading.  You can have this reading first if you prefer.

3 aspects of the Soul Purpose Reading


what are your strengths as an empath

Our Higher Self is our Intuition
During this Reading, Sarah will measure your Higher Self Connection and suggest actions and practices that will increase your connection.

Does intuition feel hapazard?

Do you get information, but lack the confidence to trust it?

Then this reading can be enormously helpful.

You’ll get a free exercise to help you expand your intuition, too.

I also have a Coaching Series on expanding your Intuition>>


soul purpose

Our Soul Specialization – an unusual soul gift or ability

There are 11 Soul Specializations that all Souls potentially have access to.

Discover this extra Soul gift that you have. 

On some level, you may know it already.

Learning about it from a reader can be very validating.

These Soul specializations are based on a 40 year research project related to NDEs (near death experiences).

People reported learning about their Soul Specialization when they were out of the body.


soul purpose

Your Primary Life Lesson – the main theme of your life.

Life Lessons are not designed to ‘teach us a lesson’ in the human sense.

The Soul’s main purpose is to experience itself as a Soul and take that information back to Creator Source.

Life Lessons show us the experiences our Soul is choosing to examine in-depth this time around.

Some examples of Life Lessons are Approval, Possibility, Self-Love and Recognition.

Blog post about Soul Purpose

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just read our Soul Purpose from a list? Incarnation is a little more complex than just looking something up on the internet, so establishing our Soul’s purpose takes more focus.

When asking the question “What is my Soul’s Purpose?”, the answer is going to take longer to download than a simple search on the internet! It can be done though, with personal work, a Soul Purpose reading, and some contemplation…

what is my soul purpose