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Soul Purpose Reading

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The Soul Purpose Reading

Many of us on the spiritual journey want to know why we are here. The Soul Purpose Reading can help us answer those questions.

Once we are on the path of spiritual awakening, our self-awareness increases and we want to know more.

The Soul Purpose Reading works very well after you have had your Soul Star Reading. Sarah always recommends that you begin with your Soul Star Reading before having this reading. 

The three aspects of the Soul Purpose Reading


what are your strengths as an empath

Our Higher Self is a separate energetic aspect from our Soul – it’s our Intuition.

As part of the Soul Purpose Reading, Sarah will measure your Higher Self Connection and suggest actions and practices that will increase your connection, recommended by your Spirit Guides..

If intuition comes to you in a haphazard way, or you don’t yet feel fully confident in using your intuition, then this reading can be enormously helpful.

If you want to know exactly how to expand your intuition right now, then this reading is also very useful.

I also have a Coaching Series on expanding your Intuition>>


soul purpose

There are 11 different Soul Specializations.

These 11 Specializations are Soul-level special skills that many Souls have access to as part of their Divine Soul Blueprint.

Learning about your Soul Specialization can often answer many questions about your life here and your experiences on Earth to date.

When Sarah learned her Soul Specialization, it explained completely why she has become an Akashic Records Reader and gave her a lot of peace about her future journey.

This part of the Soul Purpose Reading can help to answer some of the more difficult or mysterious questions in life.


soul purpose

As part of the Soul Purpose Reading, you will discover your Primary Life Lesson.

Life Lessons are not designed to ‘teach us a lesson’ in the human sense.

The Soul’s main purpose is to experience itself as a Soul and take that information back to Creator Source.

Life Lessons show us the experiences our Soul is choosing to examine in-depth this time around.

Some examples of Life Lessons are Approval, Possibility, Self-Love and Recognition.

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