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Soul Purpose Reading

Akashic Records Readings with Sarah Lawrence

The Soul Purpose Reading (Soul Star II)

Many of us on the spiritual journey want to know why we are here.  The Soul Purpose Reading can help us answer those questions.

Once we are on the path of spiritual awakening, our self-awareness increases and we want to know more.

The Soul Purpose Reading works very well after you have had your Soul Star Reading.  Sarah always recommends that you begin with your Soul Star Reading first.

What can I learn from the Soul Purpose Reading?

At the very highest level, our Soul is most focused upon experiencing life to the fullest.  Then, when we pass on, we take that information back to our fifth-dimensional database, also known as the Akashic Records.

This way, our consciousness can contribute to the greater than Self or more expanded Creator consciousness.

This is all very well, but where does that leave us as an incarnated human having a physical experience?  More guidance, please!

So, with the Soul Purpose Reading, Sarah investigates three areas of Soul level origination information to help you on your path forward.

These three areas are:-

1. The Higher Self Connection

2. Soul Specializations

3. Your Primary Life Lesson


1. The Higher Self Connection

Our Higher Self is a separate energetic aspect from our Soul.

The Higher Self is an aspect of our energy that we learn to connect to through spiritual practice.  Any type of spiritual practice will help expand the Higher Self Connection, some examples are meditation, energy work and Akashic Records work.

Edgar Cayce, a well-known American Akashic Records Reader, often discussed channeling the Higher Self in his work.

Henry Reed authored the book Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self (Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis), based on Edgar Cayce’s work, which Sarah highly recommends for anyone interested in this area of personal growth work.

As part of the Soul Purpose Reading, Sarah can measure your Higher Self Connection and suggest actions and practices that will increase your connection.

If intuition comes to you in a haphazard way, or you don’t yet feel fully confident in using your intuition, then this reading can be enormously helpful.

Consider your Higher Self Connection as a form of broadband wi-fi between the incarnated 3D you, your subconscious mind, and the higher dimensions of 4D and 5D (fourth dimension and fifth dimension).

Just focusing on the connection isn’t enough to expand the bandwidth.  Working with specific spiritual practices will make a big difference.

2. Your Soul Specializations

There are 11 different Soul Specializations.

These 11 Specializations are Soul-level special skills that many Souls have access to as part of their Divine Soul Blueprint.  (Find out what a Divine Soul Blueprint is by having a Soul Star Reading).

Learning about your Soul Specialization can often answer many questions about your life here and your experiences on Earth to date.  When Sarah learned her Soul Specialization, it explained completely why she has become an Akashic Records Reader and gave her a lot of peace about her future journey.

Sarah prepares the Soul Purpose Reading remotely before you connect with her, and can channel more information about your Soul Specialization during the call if you would like.  We all like answers to some of the more difficult or mysterious questions in life.

3. Your Primary Life Lesson

As part of the Soul Purpose Reading, you will discover your Primary Life Lesson.

Life Lessons are not designed to ‘teach us a lesson’ in the human sense.  Remember that the Soul’s main purpose is to experience itself as a Soul and take that information back to Creator Source.

Life Lessons show us the experiences our Soul is choosing to examine in-depth this time around.

You can also think of them as Life Themes, chosen by our Soul so that we can express our true nature and more fully express our Divinity.

There are 96 different Life Lessons or Life Themes to connect with in order for a Soul to experience itself.  Knowing your Primary Life Lesson is enormously helpful because it will give you great clarity on your life path.

Both negative and positive life experiences, past and present, can be seen in a different light when we learn our Primary Life Lesson.

If you’d like to dig deeper into Life Lessons specifically, ask Sarah for a general reading and request Life Lessons in particular.


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Any further questions, feel free to contact me via the client portalTo have an Akashic Records reading, you must be over 18 years of age.


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