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We all have difficult, sticky or tricky Life Situations occasionally.

Sometimes these situations or circumstances keep repeating or keep us stuck in place.  We are prevented from moving on or achieving our goals.

or seem to refuse to go away, no matter how much we put our minds elsewhere.  Time for a Life Situation Reading!

Submit up to 4 different Life Situations ahead of time!

For this reading, send Sarah up to 4 different Life Situations for review.  You can join the client portal (new clients), or log back in (existing clients use your email address) and message Sarah privately here>>>

Why have a Life Situation Reading?

Here are some general areas where clients find a Life Situation Reading helpful.  There are specific examples of individual situations.

Of course, you may have other Life Situations of your own.  This list is here to give you an idea of where to start!

All Life Situations are opportunities for growth.  This is because your subconscious is pushing them to the surface in order to help you.

You can message Sarah with your 4 different Life Situations and she will read into them for you remotely before you have your reading with her.

Eight different blocks and restrictions are used as a frame of reference for this reading, some examples are karmic issues, hooks and cords, and imprints.  These can be either Past Life or Present Life issues.

Communication issues with your partner?

Once we have a partner, we both need to learn how to communicate well.  It’s important  so that we can keep moving forward in the relationship.

Here are three Life Situations that clients often find themselves dealing with.  With a Life Situation Reading, Sarah can get very specific about where the communication blocks reside and help you gain clarity about how to clear them.

  • My partner and I struggle to communicate with words – where do I start to unblock this?
  • I feel like my partner and I are in different places on our paths of personal growth and it’s causing problems.
  • I’m concerned my partner may be narcissistic or abusive in their communication patterns.

Single and looking for a new partner?

When we are single and looking for a new partner, it can be a scary time.  We can feel insecure and unsure about new relationships.  Most people don’t get an opportunity to learn how to date well from their parents.

Discovering what is blocking us at the subconscious level is a huge opportunity for growth.

One of the main reasons Souls incarnate here on Earth is to learn more about themselves.  They do this through mirroring their issues with another Soul.

With a Life Situation Reading, we can choose to identify and clear our blocks before we connect with another Soul in this way again.  This can result in a deeper and more rewarding relationship next time.

  • I attract the same problem partner, or even a narcissistic partner, over and over again and it doesn’t work out – how do I stop this pattern?
  • Clarity is lacking for me on the type of partner that would be a good match.
  • Attracting a new partner is something I feel ready for in my heart, but feel blocked and don’t know where to start.

Work-Life Situations?

Work can be challenging enough, but if we have situations with the people we work with, it can be even more difficult.

This is a list of 3 examples where you may feel you are in a tough life situation at work.  I’m sure you can think of more work-life situations that block personal growth!

  • Controlling or narcissistic boss or co-worker.
  • I feel drained and uninspired by my work but don’t know how to leave.
  • I have dreams and ideas about creating a work-life for myself but don’t know where to start.

Difficult Family Dynamics?

Families can be wonderful when everything is going well, but there are no guarantees with families since no-one gets formal training on how to manage their emotional issues within the family dynamic – until things go wrong, that is.

Here are 3 examples of family dynamics where a Life Situation Reading may be called for.

  • I am unable to connect emotionally with an immediate family member.
  • Emotionally immature family behavior in my family has led to a rift between myself and another family member.
  • I have had to break completely with a family member or whole family group because of damaging behavior.

Personal Growth or Personal Projects?

You have a book, product, or just a bunch of great ideas that are near and dear to your heart – but just can’t seem to get starting on creating them!  Sarah scans for potential blocks and restrictions and identifies the specific areas where changes in direction, action, or behavior are required.  Warning – personal growth may occur!

  • I have a dream to create a book or product and feel completely stuck – where do I begin?
  • What personal projects or growth are in my subconscious, ready to be manifested?
  • I have lots of creative projects on the go but have trouble focusing and getting anything done.

Financial/Abundance Issues or Situations?

Many of us seemed to challenged by the energy of abundance.  This push/pull relationship with abundance in our subconscious can lead to very literal abundance issues, such as financial lack.

Sometimes this can even be caused by genetic karma.

In other cases, there are different energetic blocks and restrictions affecting our relationship with abundance.

Either way, if we are becoming strongly aware of abundance factors in our life, a Life Situation Reading can get to the bottom of the issue.

  • I struggle to keep or save funds, money just seems to slip through my fingers.
  • Most of the time I can get by and money flows in sometimes, but it’s a stop/start situation.
  • With financial issues, I am fairly comfortable but feel unfulfilled and not in the flow.

Spiritual awakening – opening signs?

Our spiritual awakening isn’t always all sparkles and unicorns.  Often spiritual awakening can happen after traumatic experiences or very challenging life situations.

A Life Situation Reading can clarify some of our long-standing blocks and help us connect more deeply with our Soul level self.

If you are ready to go really deep, Sarah recommends you start with the Soul Star Reading.

  • I am having disturbing or powerfully lucid dreams and don’t know what to do with them.
  • Currently, I am experiencing more synchronicity and coincidence in my life, which I feel are signs about something – but what?
  • I am attracted to crystals but am the only one in my family who feels this way.   I get accused of being ‘woo woo’ by my partner, family members, or friends.
  • People are always asking me for help and draining my energy, but don’t seem to notice how hard it is for me to be in that role.
  • I feel the need to move into a more meaningful work environment – but where do I start?
  • I am beginning to sense energy in a new way (or have always done so but becoming more aware of the symptoms).  What can I do about my expanding energetic awareness and why does it scare me?

Enhance your intuition!

For any of your life situations, becoming familiar with the energetic blocks and restrictions that are causing those situations will lead to personal growth.

The Life Situation Reading is designed to connect you with your subconscious truths, whether they reside in your Akashic Record or your present life subconscious.

Either way, when you can gain clarity around the energetic situations that are holding you back, you have an opportunity to take action and change your Life Situation for the better.

As a side effect, when you work with deep subconscious issues and/or the Akashic Records, your natural intuition will expand and grow.  It’s a butterfly effect and will shift every area of your life.

Here’s a PDF that covers all the reading types to help you enhance your intuition.  Feel free to download it and share it with friends.  Becoming more intuitive is the next level of evolution for us as humans!

Let’s get started…

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Any further questions, feel free to contact me via the client portalTo have an Akashic Records reading, you must be over 18 years of age.


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