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General Akashic Records Readings with Sarah Lawrence

Akashic Records Readings with Sarah Lawrence

General Akashic Records Readings – what are the Akashic Records?

Akashic Records Readings are a different type of intuitive, or psychic reading.

The Akashic Records themselves are

  • an energetic stream of data recorded by our incarnated lives
  • a record of Past Lives
  • a connection to your Divine Soul Blueprint.

Why connect with your Akashic Records?

Imagine a form of energy or consciousness surrounding and penetrating your energy field, your body, your nervous system, your chakras, even your DNA.

That energy is your Akashic Records.

  1. Connect to a new consciousness.  This energetic connection will enable you to recognize people, places, and situations you have experienced in Past Lives.  
  2. Discover Life Lessons and Themes that are influencing you behind the scenes. 
  3. Identify and clear blocks and restrictions that are holding you back.
  4. Learn more about your Soul Purpose and Life Purpose.
  5. Connect with your Akashic Guides and Spirit Guides to help grow your intuition.
  6. Establish a clearer picture of your talents, gifts, and abilities.
  7. Learn how to match choices and actions to the natural energy of your Divine Soul Blueprint – for easier manifestation!

As part of our Spiritual Awakening in the Age of Aquarius, the Akashic Records are now available for us to access.

Sarah had a spontaneous opening to the Akashic Records in 2010 after several years of studying the human energy field and has been giving readings ever since.

The Akashic Records are literally a recording of every thought, action, and emotion in your soul’s history

The focus of an Akashic Records reading is different from other intuitive or psychic readings you may have experienced.

An Akashic Records Reading with Sarah is more like having an easy conversation with somebody.  Only this conversation is about unlocking the hidden answers to questions, issues, and circumstances.

Sarah is able to open your Akashic Records and read from this field of information to help you.

You may have questions, problems, or be at a crossroads.  Sarah can search your personal data stream in the Akashic Records for information to help you with your present issues.

Each person’s group energy is individual to their own soul, just as our fingerprints are individual to us as humans.

Through an Akashic Records Reading, it is possible to...

  • Bring a current problem or issue to the table for more clarity by connecting with your personal data stream from your Soul’s history
  • Ask about a very specific Life Issue.  It could be buying a house or having a relationship problem with your Mother-In-Law!
  • Learn about family pathology, or generational patterns (e.g unwanted behaviors or conditions which have been passed down through your family)
  • Achieve resolution or gain clarity by learning about a Past Life.   Often Past Lives can be a resource to help give us answers to current problems, circumstances or issues that we are facing.

    “I wear the key of memory and can open every door in the house of my life. ~ Amelia Barr”

How do I book an Akashic Records Reading?

  1. You can go ahead a book an Akashic Records Reading using the link at the top or the bottom of this page.
  2. Use the Client Portal to book your reading.  You can select or suggest preferred dates and times (up to 3) and Sarah will connect with you and confirm your appointment.
  3. Once Sarah has compiled your information, you can connect with her via Skype at ‘newworldenergetics‘, or via phone at 1-(316) 247 4144, and listen to your information.  You can take notes if you like, and record the reading if you wish.  General Readings are offered at 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1-hour duration.
  4. You will receive a recording of your reading if you would like, a lot of clients find this useful.

Other readings to enhance your Intuition

enhance your intuition

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The Spirit Guide Reading – a one-time reading, read more about Spirit Guide Readings here

The Life Situation Reading – to clarify and clear blocks from sticky life situations, can be done every 6 months or so, read more about the Life Situation Reading here

The Soul Purpose Reading – discover your Higher Self Connection, your Soul Specializations, and Primary Life Lesson, read more about Soul Purpose Readings here


Any further questions, feel free to contact me via the client portalTo have an Akashic Records reading, you must be over 18 years of age.



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