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What is a Soul Star Akashic Reading?

A Soul Star Akashic reading is more in-depth than a General Akashic Reading.

Have A Soul Star Akashic Reading – it’s very in-depth!

In this type of Akashic Records Reading, Sarah will create a list of soul aspects containing detailed information about your individual soul, its’ history, origins, and present vibrational state.

With this information, it will be possible to learn about your personal Soul Map and Soul Story and learn how best to clear your personal energy of any blocks and restrictions that may have been created on your Soul’s journey.

The Soul Star is the 8th chakra, which resides in your Personal Energy Field above your head (about 12 inches above).  This is the chakra I connect with in order to read your Akashic Records.

During your Soul Star Reading you will discover…

Your Soul Journey – your first incarnation and how that contributes to who you are

Have you ever wondered about the nature of your Soul, and how who you are at Soul level is connected to where you are in life today?

Your Soul Journey aspect of this reading will help you to connect to your essential nature as a Spirit residing in a human body, and how you can reconnect to your Soul nature, enabling you to grow personally and even uncover hidden talents and abilities that you can apply — to help yourself grow and thrive in this life now!

Your Soul Star Story

Your Soul Story naturally rises up from your Akashic Records with this type of reading, to enable you to understand both your positive and negative choices on your Spiritual Journey.  You will receive many ‘aha’ moments!

Your Soul Star Clearing

Using the Soul Story, you will begin to realize where some of your problems, sticky issues, and undesirable circumstances may be coming from, energetically speaking.

Reviewing this energy during the Reading will start to help clear these issues from your Akashic Records.  Think of it as Soul-level housekeeping.

How can having a Soul Star Akashic Reading help me?

  • Have an in-depth experience of your Personal Energy
  • Learn about the truth behind energetic blocks and restrictions which have been holding you back
  • Identify and clear the Past Life Issues which have been bothering you in this life
  • Receive information about your Soul’s energy centers, your Soul Group of origin and your Soul’s journey from your first incarnation to present time

How I book a reading?

  1. You can go ahead a book a Soul Star Reading using the link at the top or the bottom of this page.
  2. Then Sarah will message you and ask for certain information so that she can read your Akashic Records remotely.  This process can take up to an hour.
  3. Once Sarah has compiled your information, you can connect with her via Skype at ‘newworldenergetics‘, or via phone at 1-(316) 247 4144, and listen to your information.  You can take notes if you like, and record the reading if you wish.  This will take 1-1.5 hours including any questions you may have.

Testimonial from Jaci Sivley, EFT and Quantum Touch Practitioner

My Soul Star reading from Sarah was absolutely a-ma-zing!!!! It clarified so many things for me, answered questions I’ve had for a long time……..and it was spot on in every single aspect. Sarah identified a blockage that was coming from an outside source. That has been cleared, and things in my life have been taking off for me in ways I never could have imagined. I’m learning a new modality and looking at re-branding the work I do. I have a sense of peace and of truly *settling into* who I am and how I am that I didn’t quite have before, despite all the years of personal work I’ve done. I’m recommending a Soul Star reading from Sarah to everyone I know! Thank you, Sarah. Beautiful experience and stellar results!

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After the reading you will also receive a personalized prayer to help you clear energetic blocks and restrictions from your Akashic Record.  Get started today!

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