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5 Simple Ways to Connect to the Akashic Records

Akashic Records Readings with Sarah Lawrence

5 Simple Ways to Connect to the Akashic Records

Akashic Records

Akashic Records

More Spiritual Seekers are learning about simple ways to connect to the Akashic Records

The word ‘Akashic’ is Sanskrit for ‘ether’ or sky, also known as ‘The Fifth Element’. Many people are now waking up to an awareness of their Akashic Records as part of their Spiritual Journey and personal spiritual growth.

To get a sense of the Akashic Records, imagine your own Akashic Records as an energy bubble or field surrounding you and connecting to all of your cells, DNA and chakras, just like your other energy fields do, such as the mental, emotional and astral energy fields.

What is happening for many of us is that, as we awaken, by becoming aware that eating clean is better for us, by having emotional breakthroughs as we learn more about relationships, by practicing yoga or feeling the call to learn more about energy work and awakening our chakras, we are becoming aware of our Akashic Records too, and having more and more experiences of them in daily life.

One of the most well-known Akashic Records Readers was the modern mystic Edgar Cayce, known as the Sleeping Prophet, who worked with clients to help them with their health by accessing their Akashic Records. He was the founder of the ARE (Association of Research and Enlightenment) in Virginia Beach, VA.

Many of his intuitively channeled products and health suggestions from the Akashic Records are still in use today and some medical doctors practice his methods with clients too.

But back to your Akashic Records

Here is my list of 5 simple ways to connect to the Akashic Records

1. You are convinced you have met someone in a previous life, you seem to know them so well, even though you have never met before.
2. You are drawn to an area of the world you have never visited before, you just love the idea of going there and just ‘know’ you have to go, even though it is impractical.
3. Conversely, you visited somewhere new and had a full body reaction of absolutely hating the place!
4. You love a talent, skill or ability and wish you could do it, even though you don’t practice it in your present life.
5. You have a quirk or are highly sensitive about an aspect of your body – perhaps you can’t tolerate things around your neck like a scarf or high collar, or you don’t feel comfortable in public without wearing a hat or you don’t feel dressed without wearing your jewelry!

All of these things (and more, but let’s keep it to 5 for now!) can be an indicator that as part of your spiritual awakening, you are connecting to your Akashic Records through your Personal Energy Field – which quite often bypasses the brain entirely because the Akashic Energy is connecting directly with your chakras and emotional energy fields, hence the above list.

Meeting Someone You Are Convinced You Know but have never met before

The feeling is immediate, whether it is one of friendship, ‘knowing’ or even a romantic connection or possibly extreme dislike, too. You have met this person before but you cannot put into words why you know this, it’s a whole body feeling, an emotion or simply a gut feel.

It’s entirely possible that you have met this person in a previous life and have some sort of Karmic connection with them. Your Akashic Field is resonating and letting you know that an opportunity to clear Karma is arising. And as one of my energy teachers says at this point, “The adventures are endless”.

You just ‘have’ to travel somewhere, it’s on your ‘bucket list’

Have you always been drawn to a particular part of the world but don’t know why?

Perhaps it’s the location, the culture or just something about the geography of that area of our wonderful planet that just opens your heart and you are simply drawn or pulled to go.

If you do get a chance to go, there is a strong feeling of familiarity and love and a powerful sense of home when you get there. Even tears and you don’t know why. Perhaps you even decide you want to live there once you have visited a couple of times. This could mean that you spent a happy and rewarding Past Life in that location.

The energy of your Akashic Records is letting you know through your powerful subconscious mind so that you can revisit that location and re-experience the happiness you felt during that lifetime.

You hate somewhere you have visited with a vengeance and you can’t explain why!

You go somewhere and know within your bones that you dislike this location and would never live there if you could help it. (This can also manifest as a precognitive sense that there are some parts of the planet you just know you’d rather not EVER visit!).

With this way of knowing, it’s entirely possible that you are psychically picking up negative imprints from a location, or that the energy in this part of the planet isn’t a match for you.

How to know that it’s your Akashic Records talking to you and not a psychic imprint?

There’s a deep-down feeling of body fear, perhaps strong emotions such as anger or deep sadness that are yours, arising out of nowhere and nothing to do with what you are picking up. Again, it’s a feeling of ‘home’, but this time the home is an unpleasant one.

Let’s face it, the creation and agreement of fair human rights has been a fairly recent development in our history and is still not an agreement in many parts of the world.

Many of us have had Past Lives in which we were the perpetrators of unpleasant acts or victims of the same. Again, your Akashic Energy will resonate and remind you of these occurrences through emotions, sensations, and an inner knowing that something is up.

Again, your Akashic Energy will resonate and remind you of these occurrences through emotions, sensations, and an inner knowing that something is up.

You love a talent, skill or ability but don’t know why you ‘just do’

Perhaps you dream about playing an instrument, practicing a craft such as woodworking or jewelry making, singing or painting a picture, even though in this life you have never done any such thing.

Again your Akash could be talking to you about Past Life talents, skills or abilities! It could be as simple as wanting to bake cakes.

If you do decide to act on one of these calls, try it as a hobby say, whether you create something or not there is a wonderful feeling of fulfillment and completeness about the act.

When we see young highly talented children on Facebook or Youtube playing an instrument at a young age, that is one sign of Akashic Remembrance.  Many artists transition at a certain point in the development of a skill or ability, next time around they simply pick up where they left off.

Quirk or highly sensitive about a body part or body adornment

Talking about finishing a life, if we were abruptly ended in a Past Life, then that energy is carried with us into our next incarnation for clearing. This will quite often manifest as a body quirk.

To put it plainly, people who were killed violently by being strangled or cut around the neck will often hate anything tight around their neck, from scarves to turtle neck sweaters. It’s the body’s way of connecting to the Akashic Records and reminding us that we have something to clear.

Aches and pains that cannot be explained or healed with modern medical methods may also fall into this category. One thing the incarnated human has been very creative with, sadly, is how to get rid of other humans. This traumatic event can be carried through to our next life and be making itself known for clearing.

Do you feel ‘undressed’ without a hat or jewelry, or some other kind of body adornment, even though it’s not part of your inherited culture? Then this is another way that our body and subconscious mind call us to the Akashic Records.

Connecting with your Akashic Records

So there are my 5 simple ways to connect to the Akashic Records.

It may be that you are connected already in one or more of the above ways, you just didn’t know it!

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