Ancestral patterns – ready to let go?

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Ancestral patterns – ready to let go?

ancestral patterns

ancestral patterns

Ancestral patterns – we all have them

Do you think your parents did a good job of parenting you? Did they parent you or raise you? Do you feel that you are still working through aspects of yourself that got broken, or are you whole and functioning?

Driving my youngest to school this morning it occurred to me that perhaps in the West we are one of the first generations of parents who have had enough resources (time, money, energy) to actively parent our children.

It started with the idea that our children could be given more. More schooling, more attention, more ‘things’, resulting in a more skilled child with greater earning potential. So that was a good start given that only 100 years or even 50 years ago the perspective on parenting was more about simple survival and increasing monetary wealth, especially with a World War in the mix.

So we are slowly being able to move from ‘raising’ children to consciously parenting children. Some of that certainly has to do with a level of income, some of it also has to do with the awareness and consciousness of parents who are ready to break free of ancestral patterns and do things differently.

Raising a child involves

Adequate food
Adequate clothing
Managing injuries
Allowing an opportunity for education
Programming the child with social agreements
By behavior demonstrating a model of how the child should be to fit in.

Pretty much the parenting model demonstrated by my mum and dad, both post-WWII parents who were teenagers during a war and survived on rationed food and resources for a number of years afterward.

They both loved me very much, but given the lives they lived and the time and energy they had left to spend on me – that’s what their parenting amounted to. When it came to career choices and further education, their energy was drained and they really didn’t have anything they could offer or give me in the way of guidance.

Parenting a child involves

All of the above, PLUS
Encouraging the child to learn good diet for their own body type
Learning self-expression through dress
Teaching a child how to manage their health and deal with simple illnesses, minor injuries
Giving a child opportunities to choose an educational path and encouraging a healthy learning ethic
Showing children the nature of society, discussing societal agreements and seeing which ones they resonate with so they can make their way
Encouraging (and sometimes enforcing) healthy societal behavior so that the child grows into a productive and aware citizen of the Earth (Global consciousness).

Ancestral patterns

During this and a few earlier generations, more and more of us are starting to become aware of ancestral patterns. Think ‘behaviors we can name’ from our parents – those behaviors, values, and attitudes that were taken on by default. What are they and why do they no longer resonate?

Through working on ourselves and sharing and researching new ideas we can actively influence our children to operate at a new next-gen level of consciousness.

Some of this work involves becoming aware of our early ancestral patterns, those from our parents or carers as well as those that were passed down through our generations through a fixed societal model of tradition, culture or religion.

For many this generation is a time where we can start to review the choices that previous generations made and decide if they will be helpful for us and for future generations – adopt some, let others go that no longer serve and create new ancestral patterns as we move forward.


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