3 ways to fight depression

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3 ways to fight depression

Depression – a big part of the spiritual journey

Believe it or not, depression can be a big part of the spiritual journey. Sometimes when we get depressed it can simply be because we’re tired, hungry or overworked (or some combination of all three!).

Sometimes though depression is a sign that a miasma of emotions is waving at us…saying helloooo…..I’m over here…and you haven’t paid attention to me yet.

Perhaps you’ve had a series of bad experiences and tucked them away. They are in your energy field and beginning to make you pay attention like an overfull basket of dirty laundry slowly wafting its’ scent your way.

Or maybe you have some more healing to do around a long-standing issue such as losing a Loved One or breaking up from a relationship. The emotions are heavy and hard, the work is tough and it just can’t all be done at once.

Last but not least (although of course I could cite many more reasons – I’ll leave you to fill in the gap) you could be like me and have digestive issues and PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) where the monthly cycle’s symptoms are wild, woolly and a lot worse that most other women’s. Unless you’re a man, that is.

Over the years, as a Highly Sensitive Person prone to overwhelm, I’ve had to create not just a toolbelt of remedies but a toolBOX of approaches that help me when depression hits.

And being a Personal Energy Coach doesn’t make me any less prone than anyone else, I just have more choices to try than the average person.

So, here are my top 3 methods of combating depression to date

Please feel free to comment below and share what works for you and we will all benefit.

I believe that depression is not just a physical response, although sometimes it can be, it is often also a mental, emotional or spiritual sign of something deeper.

While it’s good to pay attention to these signs, most of us have to stay functional and connected even when we are struggling with something in order to manage our daily lives, so that’s where my toolbox comes in.

1. First here’s my anti-depression method for the mental energy body

I found it very recently and its’ simplicity makes it very useful in a pinch.

When you notice negative thoughts encroaching and starting to change your mood, clean your energy by redirecting your mental focus to something you like, love or have enjoyed recently.

You may need to do this several times for it to take effect, but imagine yourself making new neural connections over time by doing this and you will be winning the depression battle.

For example, focus upon

– a great movie you saw recently
– a book you love (perhaps even get it out and look through it again)
– photos from a happy time (as long as they aren’t too emotionally loaded in the context of what you are depressed about)
– funny videos that you love. (I have a folder on my browser called “Raise My Vibration” which I add to and visit daily, favorite music videos are on there too, anything that makes you feel good.
– write a note to somebody you love to lift THEIR day and it may lift yours.

Like I said earlier, you will need to rinse, repeat and recycle and it may seem mechanical to start with, but after a while your nervous system will start to associate good feelings with your ‘anchors’ or the items or activities you have chosen, and the negative internal dialogue will switch off more quickly each time.

2. An anti-depression method for the emotional energy body

This one works really well when you feel depressed because somebody brought you down, attacked you verbally, you feel judged and wanting, or are self-judging, or feel lost and abandoned in some way.

This technique uses a connection with an aspect of our energy field called the Causal Body (more about the Causal Body here). Think of it as your own personal Parent-Child energetic connection. Often feeling brought down or abandoned is a trigger from earlier life experiences where for whatever reason you didn’t get the parenting you need.

So notice where the depressed or anxious feeling is in the body, imagine you are encasing it in a bubble and say to yourself (either out loud or in your head, whatever is practical!)

“It’s OK, child, it’s alright honey, you’ll be OK, you are OK”.

Repeat this a few times and imagine yourself hugging the bubble. If you have a bit more time you can ‘sink in’ to the bubble and send it the loving words and energy.

Imagine the feeling of being tucked in bed or parented in the way you always wanted and give that gift to yourself. It’s surprisingly effective. As with the first method, repeat until you feel better.

Even a few notches better is an improvement in self-care.

3. An anti-depression method for the physical body and feelings of being ‘low’ or unable to power up your energy

There are many choices here, but one that almost always works for me and mine in this situation is to turn to homeopathy.

Depending upon your constitutional type and physical requirements, you may find that one remedy works for you better than another (after all, this is homeopathy and not the ‘one pill fits all’ mindset that is often touted from modern allopathic medicine.

One well-known grief remedy that often works for me is Ignatia.

Ignatia comes from the St Ignatius bean, which is the seed of Ignatia Amaris, a climbing shrub native to China, the Philippines, and Indonesia. It was taken to Europe by the Jesuits in the 1650s and named after the founder of their order, Ignatius Loyola. The seeds were used to treat epilepsy and some contagious diseases, such as cholera. (www.britishhomeopathic.org).

For female cycle depression, homeopathic Sepia can often give relief.

So there you have it, my 3 simple suggestions for first step depression relief.

Of course, here I am talking about managing your day’s ups and downs, emotional and not chronic depression or depression due to a physical disorder or illness, that is definitely an issue for a medical practitioner or qualified psychotherapist.

I hope you find something of interest here – and if you have a technique to share, please do so in the comments, I know we will all benefit.

In the light!


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  1. Heather Kohr says:

    Feeling depressed today – Reading this really did help. It’s quite easy just to give into the sadness and let it consume you. I do not plan to enterain that notion today.
    Thanks much. H

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