Chakra Readings – rebalance your chakras through action

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Chakra Readings

Rebalance your Chi, Qi or Life Force by having a Chakra Reading and learning to take appropriate ACTION.

What is a Chakra Reading?

Many people in the West are now awakening to the benefit of working with chi or body energy. Chakra balancing sessions or chakra readings can help.

We can focus on our chi through 7 main body locations where there are nerve bundles.  A Chakra Reading can be carried out by someone who has learned to read energy, like a psychic reader or Akashic Reader.

In the practice of kundalini yoga, there are specific exercises where we can focus on activating chakra energy.

Chakra energy can also be activated by practicing body postures and chanting.   These activities stimulate the chakras via the spinal column and nervous system.


You may have seen diagrams of the body-based chakras before.

Here’s an example to refresh your memory, or to help you visualize the chakra locations if this is new to you.

In the diagram below, there are 7 chakras shown. By diagram color and from top to bottom, they are…

Lavender – Crown Chakra
Indigo – Third Eye Chakra
Light Blue – Throat Chakra
Green – Heart Chakra
Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra
Orange – Sacral/Creative Chakra
Red – Root Chakra

The 8th Chakra

The 8th chakra is also known as the Soul Star Chakra.

Sarah reads this Chakra during Soul Star Readings, a type of Akashic Reading which is one of the most popular readings given.
The Soul Star or 8th chakra is becoming very active in the new Aquarian Age, so it’s important to include it now in Chakra Readings to gain a fuller picture of any imbalances present.
It’s also important to know during a chakra reading whether your chakras are underactive or overactive. 

This helps us to understand whether any imbalances are held in the physical, mental or emotional energy bodies.


Having your chakras balanced during an energy session is a lovely experience.

However, if you go home afterward and carry on with the same old, same old, that won’t be of help to you.

Soon your chakras will go back to their old imbalanced setups because you haven’t changed your energetic posture.


If you have regular chiropractic for your back, but still slump and slouch and sitting in the same old lumpy chair – you will feel good for a while – then you will feel uncomfortable again!
Experiencing regular chakra readings to help you understand how to keep your energy flowing.

You’ll receive simple exercises you can do for yourself.

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