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Introduction to Autogenics Training

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Autogenics Training – strange name, powerful method

Many of us are finding ourselves in what seems like unbearable stress at present times.

There are methods of helping to unload the mind and nervous system of its’ stress when our minds seem to run away with us and won’t keep quiet, and our bodies tense up to demonstrate the stress we are feeling.

Autogenics is one such method, and I first turned to it in my late 20s when I was in an extremely stressful job and had a big mortgage to pay, also.

You can practice Autogenics anywhere, even on the train!

I had been commuting to London for a few years from a country location with a 3-hour commute each way.  I then changed jobs and found myself providing computer support to several hundred people in the television industry.

Let’s just say they were very verbal!  There was always a lot of screaming and shouting directed at me when their computer or printer didn’t work.

After several weeks the stress got to me and I had to take a break from work.  Autogenics Training was one aspect of my recovery, and I’ve found myself returning to it during recent stressful times.

Here’s the first exercise – please enjoy it and let me know if you like it!

Lots of light



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Inspired by Autogenic Training from Dr Kai Kermani


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