Relationship Readings

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Relationship Readings

In this Akashic Reading, discover more about how your Divine Soul Blueprint harmonizes (or not!) with someone else.

You’ll  learn how the differences between your Blueprints affect your relationship both positively and negatively!

Discover your Primary and Secondary Life Lessons between you and the other person you are in a relationship with.

Sometimes relationships happen because there is karma to clear between you. Find out if this is true for you and the person you are asking about. There are even more reasons to have a Relationship Reading, see below!

Wouldn’t it be useful to know more about a partner, child or close friend through the lens of the Akashic Records?

If you already know your own Divine Soul Blueprint, it can be enormously helpful to learn about someone else’s that you are in a relationship with.

(If you don’t know your own Divine Soul Blueprint yet, I recommend having the Soul Star Reading).
Also discover which blocks and restrictions are holding you back in the area of relationships? And even more information than that?

This is what the relationship reading is about!

Areas of focus for your Relationship Reading


If you already know about your own Divine Soul Blueprint from the Soul Star Reading, then you may be getting curious about the Blueprints of other people in your life!

The Relationship Reading will help you to understand the dynamics between you and another Soul you are in relationship with. 

Both people can be present for the reading if you like, but it’s not necessary.


The most common reason for two Souls to be in relationship with each other is to support each other in the experience and learning of Primary or Secondary Life Lessons.

If you’ve had the Soul Purpose Reading, then you will already know your Primary Life Lesson. 

Find out more about how your Primary and Secondary Life Lessons are supported with another Soul in your Life with this part of the Relationship Reading.


Often on the Journey we begin to realize that we are in a repeating cycle by attracting certain types of relationships.

Often Souls come together to try and clear particular negative agreements.  These become apparent as the ‘buttons’ that another person pushes in relationship with you, and vice-versa.

Discover the blocks and restrictions affecting you with  the other Soul in question.  25 different blocks and restrictions are checked for!


Have you been in a relationship with this person before?  We can find out.

We can also discover the nature of the relationship and how many lifetimes you have shared.

Was that person  lover, father, mother, or friend in other lifetimes?


As well as karmic patterns made up of energetic blocks and restrictions, there are other types of karma to check for.

If there are other types of karma, we can establish that.

It’s also possible to learn about the choices made by the two Souls that created the karma in the first place.


Are there Soul Contracts between you?

Soul Contracts can be cleared and let go through the Akashic Records.

It’s helpful to understand why Contracts were created, and what for.