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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about the Akashic Records

Akashic Records Readings with Sarah Lawrence


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I want an Akashic Records Reading, where should I start?

Having given Akashic Records Readings since 2010, Sarah has noticed specific reasons why clients ask for a reading or coaching course.

This page is an overall guide to the Akashic Records Readings and coaching courses offered, combined with clients most frequently asked questions when working with Sarah.

Scanning through this section will enable you to easily and conveniently select the right reading or coaching course for you, or just to learn more about the Akashic Records, if that is what you need!

When would a half-hour, 45 minute or 1 hour Akashic Records Reading be the right choice?

A half-hour will work very well when you have general questions about life situations or circumstances, or if you are curious to connect with your Akashic Records to see what happens!

A half-hour can go quite quickly, so Sarah suggests that you come prepared with a list of at least 3 questions before you come on the call, so that you can make the best use of your investment.

One of the most common questions people have when they decide to have an Akashic Records Reading is…

frequently asked questionsWhat is my Soul Purpose?  Question number 1 in all the readings that I give and definitely top of the list of frequently asked questions!

If you are wondering how to combine your career with your Soul Purpose…

Then Sarah recommends having an Akashic Records Reading combined with the Life Purpose Oracle Cards.

Clients find it very helpful sometimes to have an Akashic Records Reading combined with an Oracle Card deck.  Sarah uses Doreen Virtue’s Life Purpose cards with this type of reading.

If you decide to book a Soul Purpose/Life Purpose type of reading, let Sarah know when you message her and she will make sure she is prepared and has the card deck ready beforehand.

Are you at a crossroads, with a relationship or lifestyle decision?

If you are at a crossroads, an Akashic Records Reading can be very helpful.  People often ask themselves ‘What is my Soul Purpose?’ when they find themselves at a major crossroads in life.

There is also another commonly asked question at this stage (and it’s a burning one, literally!) Frequently Asked Question number 2 — When will I meet my twin flame or Soul partner?

Examples of a crossroads can be a change of career, beginning or ending of a significant relationship, or a different phase of life.  Since none of us create in a vacuum, intimate relationships often come into play with a big life change.

If you have more than 3 questions, or want to dig in a little deeper to the subject matter, then a 45 minute or 1-hour reading will be more appropriate, especially if you want to learn a little more about your past relationship dynamics with others to help improve the present!

Spiritual awakening, and/or lucid dreams?

runesA lot of clients start to wonder about their Past Lives and Akashic Records when they experience waking visions, contact with Loved Ones who have passed, and/or powerful lucid dreams.

Frequently Asked Question number 3  — Why am I feeling energies, having premonitions, seeing visions and/or having such powerful lucid dreams?

We are moving into a new vibrational age where our consciousness is quite literally being shifted.

This is partly because our solar system has moved into a new area of our galaxy, where new energies are being perceived and affecting human consciousness.

An Akashic Records Reading will work very well to help clarify issues and answers for the spiritually awakening human in this New Age.

Remember, a half-hour reading will work well for 1-3 questions or simply to get started, choose from a 45-minute reading for more questions, a 1-hour reading to dig even deeper.
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What Past Lives are currently affecting me and how can an Akashic Records Reading help with that?

Past Lives and Generational energy can affect our present vibrational state.

past livesFrequently Asked Question number 4 — Something is going on with me — is it a Past Life issue?

If our actions, thoughts, emotions, and circumstances from Past Lives remain uncleared, unwanted karma can result.

This is why so many people have that sneaking suspicion that Past Lives are affecting their current life, performance, abundance or ability to experience happiness.

Think of it as an annoying program running in the background (like leaving the television on in another room).  It keeps blaring away, taking energy which you don’t need anymore, so it’s time to clear out the issue!

Sarah suggests either – having a 1-hour reading to be able to go into a Past Life issue in-depth, be able to communicate with the aspect of yourself that is still hanging out there in your Past Life and to start to clear any energy around blocks and restrictions.

As an alternative for those really wishing to permanently clear out all currently conflicting Past Life attachments, Sarah suggests the Soul Star Reading.

The Soul Star Reading not only helps to clear Past Life issues, but it is also a much more in-depth reading, takes up to 90 minutes including questions and includes a personalized clearing prayer for blocks and restrictions related to Past Life ‘hangers on’, open energy drains and Personal Energy Field distortions.

With the Soul Star Reading, you’ll also receive an in-depth Soul level personality profile, information about some of the journeys your Soul has taken since your first incarnation as well as a thorough house-cleaning of blocks and restrictions.

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How do I awaken my Akashic Records?

intuitionFrequently Asked Question number 5 — How can I learn to read my own Akashic Records?

Sarah offers a 3 part coaching course – Awaken Your Akashic Records – to help you learn to read your own Akashic Records for personal spiritual support.

There is also an interesting side effect that occurs when clients learn to read their own Akashic Records – quite often, their intuition grows too!

If you are interested in learning to access the Akashic Records for yourself, then this 3 part coaching course is for you.

Three separate one-hour coaching sessions with Sarah
  1. Extensive follow-up notes in downloadable PDF format
  2. A suggested reading list
  3. Greater awareness of your own Intuitive Gifts
  4. The confidence to access your own Akashic Records as a regular Spiritual Practice!

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How can I get coaching support while creating a major project or going through a major life change?


akashic recordsFrequently Asked Question number 6 — I am going through huge life changes – how can accessing the Akashic Records help me?

If you would like coaching support whilst moving through major life changes, Sarah suggests either…

Regular 1 hour Akashic Records Readings no more than once a month, to access your Akashic Records and explore specific issues

or, for more specific projects or plans…

Future Goal Setting in the Akashic Records – Energetic Goal Setting Coaching Course

Sarah offers a 3 part Energetic Goal Setting program which consists of 2 1-hour sessions, followed by 4 x15 minute follow-up sessions over a 2-month period.

  • Learn about vibrational factors related to your Soul which can affect your ease of moving forward and manifesting abundance with new projects and new ideas
  • Learn how to begin to sense your best ways forward by tuning into probability and possibility trajectories
  • View your choices and future decisions from the perspective of the best energetic choices for you, and become a Goal-Setter Go Getter!

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If you have any more questions…

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