Life Lessons Reading

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

The Life Lessons reading

Life Lessons are ways in which our Soul chooses to experience itself in this lifetime.

From the Soul’s perspective, Life Lessons are more like Themes, so that our Soul can experience itself from multiple perspectives.

In human terms, we characterize life experiences as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, a great experience, or some kind of lesson!

In truth, the Soul simply wants to experience the Life Lesson or Theme, in all it’s possibilities and polarities, both positive and negative.

A Soul may have several Life Lessons in one life, above those there is always a Primary and Secondary Life Lesson.

It can be extremely enlightening and helpful to learn about our Life Lessons, how complete they are, and in which Life Areas they apply.

Discover your Life Lessons today!


Some examples of Life Lessons

Remember, Life Lessons can be experienced by your Soul from many perspectives.  So if you discover that a Primary Life Lesson is one you perceive that you’d rather not have – Sarah can channel more information about a Life Lesson to give you clarity.  Clients find that learning about their Life Lessons gives them feelings of peace and purpose, and often greater clarity around life situations.


Authenticity is a Life Lesson or Soul Theme that resonates strongly for me.

I was raised in a family where authentic emotions were kept hidden, to be expressed in private.  

That particular way of behaving has dogged me for a lot of my life, causing me to keep certain things quiet about myself. 

I’m still working on that Life Lesson, although now I’m a lot further down the road to being my authentic self!


Power in it’s many forms has been experienced at the collective level as something to be taken and kept (in my opinion, for at least the last 5,000 years).

In the negative polarity, people have stolen power from others, exerted power over other people and found ways to take the road to the seat of power in a country, religion or organization.

In the positive polarity, people have learned to empower themselves, overthrow powerful and harmful leaders, and taken back power from religions and organizations.


Lightheartedness can in some cases be seen as a high spiritual attribute.

Being able to enjoy the present moment and be lighthearted in the face of life’s burdens is definitely a gift. 

Sharing and resonating a lighthearted joke or state of mind can uplift us all during difficult times.

Yet – sometimes being lighthearted can seem inappropriate, selfish, uncaring and even rude and narcissistic.

Being appropriately lighthearted just depends upon the frame of reference at the time.