Stargate Readings

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

Stargate Readings within the Akashic Records

stargate readings A Stargate Reading is a powerful spiritual experience. This is a Stargate, created by another Soul on the Spiritual Journey called Prageet Harris.  And this is me sitting inside the Stargate!  This one travels with Prageet as he works with groups. Notice your reaction to the geometric form.  If you resonate, then this reading may be for you. Pragreet designed his first Stargate to help people change their states of consciousness.  He was guided to create it after he began spontaneously channeling a Star Being called Alcazar.

The Stargate Reading is supported by Sacred Geometry

Pragreet drew the diagram for the original Stargate from inspired or channeled information.  As he began to build the first Stargate he used copper pipes.  He didn’t have a clue what the measurements were going to be. When Prageet started work, he discovered that there was a certain ‘buzz’ in his hands when the proportions were right. Following that guidance, he knew where to cut and therefore how long or short each piece needed to be. My Stargate is a mini version of this special sacred geometry form and I use it to give a Stargate Reading.  It means I can travel with it easily and use it for remote sessions with you, dear client! Prageet has several Stargates at his Mount Shasta home, some are big enough for up to 20 people to sit inside.  A visit to a Stargate group is definitely on my bucket list.

Why use a Stargate?  What does it do?

This Stargate is an intentionally shaped complex and sacred geometric symbol and as a result, it creates a consciousness field. When we connect to this consciousness field, we can more easily gain access to higher dimensions during meditation as a result. It creates a stronger connection to the Higher Self, that part of the Soul that communicates with us in everyday incarnated life. When I sat in the Stargate in this picture, there was an effortless opening of my third eye, following by several images and instructions. I also saw many images and felt sensations of travel through different tunnels of consciousness.

For you – a Stargate Reading within the Akashic Records

The Stargate is safe to use because it helps raise our vibration through many dimensions to the higher levels, prohibiting access to any unwelcome lower vibrational energies.

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