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6 most popular Akashic Records questions clients ask Sarah – podcast

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6 most popular Akashic Records questions clients ask Sarah – podcast

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The six top most popular Akashic Records questions people ask me on the Spiritual Journey are…

On this podcast, I am going to go through some questions.

Questions are a great way to get started if you are going to get into the Akashic Records work.  There’s a lot of data in the Akashic Records and we could spend hours wandering the Hall of Records, learning about our Past Lives.

What is more useful though, as we humans do, is to ask specific questions.

So below are the top six Akashic Records questions that people ask me on their spiritual journey.

1. What is my Soul Purpose?

You are incarnated into a body because your Soul wanted to experience life in the here and now.  You are a conscious human being, on planet Earth.  So you are experiencing life now, in your body.  You did it!  You have achieved your Soul Purpose.

The fact that you are self-aware enough to be visiting a site like this means you are a long way down the road of self-realization.  So, a gold star for you.

2. When will I meet my twin flame, life partner or Soul partner?

‘When’ is a tough question for your Akashic Guides to answer.  This is because the data in the A-Field or Akashic Records field is stored outside of space and time.  So these guides (never having lived on Earth) might find it hard to answer your question and give you a very philosophical response, such as ‘When you are more in touch with your Higher Self‘.

Focus on expanding your vibration and growing yourself, and you will find the right partner for you sooner.  Trying to find your partner first is a bit like trying to put the cart before the horse.

Meeting your twin flame can be somewhat of a limiting concept.   In the West, we have been very influenced by Hollywood when it comes to the idea of being completed by a partner.  Perhaps it’s time to think about your own Soul’s growth and evolution, clear karma from those familiar relationships you keep having over and over.  You can learn so much more by relating to a Soul who is new to you!

3. Why am I feeling energies, having premonitions, seeing visions, having powerful lucid dreams?

Usually, these events indicate that some kind of spiritual awakening is going on.  Your Akashic Guides can help you to learn what is going here, and how best to manage it for yourself.

4. I feel stuck or keep having the same problem or issue – is it a Past Life Issue?

I call this question the ‘sneaking suspicion’ question.  People come to me with this question when they are either having problems in a relationship, or they feel they are being set up somehow.  They keep having to face the same problem again and again.

It’s often the case that issues like this can be connected with a Past Life issue.  From that frame of reference, we can look back at Past Life issues and see what has been happening repeatedly in the way of Life Themes.  Sometimes clearing work is required in the Records in this situation.  Once that is done, the issue should clear up as long as you make the choice to change your behavior too!

5. How can I awaken my Akashic Records?

A lot of people are very interested these days in learning to read the Akashic Records.  There are some great books out there to help you to learn.  I would also suggest considering learning a process where you discover your own personal path into the Akashic Records.

Once I was able to find my own individual method of accessing the Akashic Records, the experience has become both much more powerful and much more profound.

6. I am going through huge life changes, how can an Akashic Records Reading help me?

The great thing about an Akashic Records Reading is that it can tell you how you got to this present moment.  You can begin to look at future decisions in the light of how you got to this point, what is really serving you, and what is not.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the podcast.

If you’d like to ask a question of your own, connect with me at the client portal here>>

Also, feel free to comment and post your own questions about the Akashic Records below.

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