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6 Most Popular Akashic Records Questions You Need to Know

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

6 Most Popular Akashic Records Questions You Need to Know

Akashic Records questions
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The 6 most popular Akashic Records questions people ask me

In this podcast, I talk about 6 of the most popular or best Akashic Records reading questions to ask when clients are interested in having a reading.

Clients often wonder if they are asking regularly used Akashic Records questions – well in this post, you can find out!

We could potentially spend a lot of time learning about our past lives.  This is because most people think that’s all there is to the Akashic Records!

The data stored in our Akashic Records has information about our Past Lives.  Akashic information is also readable in our present life.

We can also learn about repeating patterns of behavior, how to clear karmic issues, and even how to do better in relationships

Below are the top 6 Akashic Records reading questions that people ask me on their spiritual journey.

I hope this information and the podcast enable you to go away with a new perception of how the Akashic Records work and how readings can help you.

1. What is my Soul Purpose?

Akashic Records questionsAlong with “What is my Life Purpose?“, “What is my Soul Purpose?” is an extremely popular question that people have.

You are incarnated into a body because your Soul wanted to experience life in the here and now.

You are a conscious human being, on planet Earth.  So you are experiencing life now, in your body.  You did it!  You have achieved your Soul Purpose.

If you are asking deep questions like this, you are recognizing your Soul connection.  So, a gold star for you!

There are several other layers to understanding your Soul’s Purpose.  The Soul itself is very curious and excited about being incarnated and wants to experience all that it can.

Often this means that the Soul will incarnate into difficult Life Situations.  This is in order to experience all of the ways that the Soul can grow. 

This is why there is a Life Situations Reading available, including the opportunity to clear blocks and restrictions from your Akashic Record.

There is also a Soul Purpose Reading, which looks into 3 very specific areas of information – your primary Life Lesson, your Soul’s Specialization, and your connection to your Intuition, or Higher Self.

These three areas of inquiry can help you understand a lot more about the complex questions that people have about the nature of their Soul Purpose.

2. When will I meet my twin flame?

This is a very popular question in the top 6 list of Akashic Records questions.

We all want a wonderful partner.  To help us get there faster, it’s important to focus on our own self-growth first.

Focus on expanding your vibration and growing yourself, and you will find the right partner for you sooner.

Otherwise, trying to find a great partner is a bit like trying to put the cart before the horse.

Relationship Readings can help with information, both about past lives and present life connections.

Are Twin Flames real?

In the West, we have been very influenced by Hollywood when it comes to the idea of being completed by a partner.

A lot of people believe they have a twin flame, or twin soul, who will ‘complete’ them.

The Soul itself is already perfect, and not split! 

In my experience of giving readings over the last 10 years or so, Souls make all sorts of unusual agreements such as Soul Contracts.  However, I’ve not yet met anyone whose Soul is split in two!

Perhaps it’s time to think about your own Soul’s growth and evolution and clear karma from difficult relationships before you go seeking your ‘perfect’ other half.

Otherwise, what you attract is someone with the perfect mirror karma to yours.

If you are currently in a relationship that is raising questions for you, there is a Relationship Reading to help with this.

3. Why am I feeling energies, getting premonitions, having crazy dreams?

spirit guide readingUsually, these types of questions indicate that some kind of spiritual awakening is going on.

Your Spirit Guides can help you to learn more about intuitive growth, and how best to manage it for yourself.

Often a great way to be supported by these types of Akashic Records questions is to have the Spirit Guide Reading.

With this reading, you get to connect with your Inner Circle Spirit Guides who can help explain your spiritual path.

Inner Circle Guides are your Spiritual ‘A’ team and are very interested in helping you to evolve!

These guides can be channeled through the Akashic Records.  Clients find the information they receive this way to be very useful.

The information received can also be extremely validating if a client is having unusual experiences and can’t figure out why.

4. Why do I keep having the same problem or issue?

I like to call these particular Akashic Records questions the ‘sneaking suspicion’ questions.

People come to me with this type of question when they are having repeating problems in a relationship, circumstance, or situation.

Sometimes, clients even get a sense of being set up somehow.

They keep having to face the same problem again and again.

It’s like never being able to get out of the spin cycle in the washing machine.

It’s often the case that issues like this can be connected with a Past Life.

With the Soul Star Reading, you can discover a Past Life karmic pattern that is ready to be cleared, along with present life karmic patterns that are ready for clearing also.  This means that you can clear blocks and restrictions.

In some cases, there can be a cluster of choices that a Soul has made in a past life that was against that Soul’s divine nature.  This results in a block –  something called a karmic pattern.

Patterns of karma created like this can attract the same experiences over and over and keep you stuck in your present life.

Often people have a ‘sneaking suspicion’ that this is what is going on – and you are most likely correct.

Soul Star – the motherlode

I recommend that most clients start with this reading if they are not sure where to begin.

The Soul Star Reading also enables you to learn about your Divine Soul Blueprint, which is unique to you.

The Divine Soul Blueprint is also the same in each of your incarnations and contains a unique pattern of energy through which your Soul expresses itself.

This unique energy pattern is made up of Soul-level attributes that can be read.

Your Soul Blueprint will inform you about your gifts, talents, and abilities from the soul level.  And remember, you also get an opportunity to clear blocks and restrictions.

The Soul Star Reading is extremely powerful and enlightening and often answers a lot of people’s Akashic Records questions.

5. How can I awaken my Akashic Records?

A lot of people are very interested these days in learning to read the Akashic Records.

There are some great books out there to help you to learn.  I would also suggest considering learning a process where you discover your own personal path into the Akashic Records.

Once I was able to find my own individual method of accessing the Akashic Records, the experience became much more powerful and much more profound.

Akashic Records Coaching

I offer this 3-part coaching series for clients.

You can learn how to access your own Records with a personal attunement process.

You may also find a benefit from working with your Higher Self, or Intuition, through the Akashic Records work.

Edgar Cayce was a very well-known Akashic Records Reader in the ’30s and ’40s in the USA.

He gave over 14,000 readings which were recorded, and many of his health suggestions and approaches are still in use by doctors today.

Intuition Coaching

Developing your connection to the Higher Self, or Intuition, through your Akashic Records can help you expand your spiritual awareness and creativity.

This type of focus can also help you expand your fifth-dimensional awareness.  This means that you can use your intuition more effectively, something we’d all like to do!

6. How can I learn about my Life Lessons?

The great thing about an Akashic Records Reading is that we can read the present as well as the past.

The Akashic Records of your present life can also be read, right up until this present moment!

When you are experiencing big changes in your present life, then discovering your Life Lessons can give you a whole new frame of reference for the experiences you are having right now.

3-6 Life Lessons

Life Lessons are a way to focus on the themes that your Soul wants to work through in your present life.

If you specifically want to focus on understanding your Life Lessons, then the Life Lessons reading is very helpful.

Three examples of Life Lessons are Authenticity, Power, and Lightheartedness.

There are over 80 different Life Lessons currently channeled!

This reading can explain a lot and will definitely help you if you are ready to learn more about your Life Lessons.

If you’d like to ask a question of your own, connect with me at the client portal here>>

Also, feel free to comment and post your own Akashic Records reading questions in the comment box below.

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