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Flower Essences are very helpful products to support our wellness in all sorts of situations. They can support our emotional state, wellness, triggered nervous system. They can even help support us on the path to spiritual growth. Using Rescue Remedy as an example, here are some ways to introduce flower essences into your life.

What are Flower Essences?

The most well-known flower essences currently are the Bach flower remedies. 

Edward Bach, an English physician, and homeopath, originally created these dilutions of flower material in the 1930s.

The Bach Flower remedies are useful for: –

  • Emotional support.
  • Supporting spiritual growth.
  • Easing symptoms of depression and anxiety, insomnia, and stress.

How can we move stuck energy when we are in crisis?

Perhaps we are working on energetic clearing?

If you are having a really bad day, consider trying flower essences to move you through more easily.

How Flower Essences are made

Rescue Remedy Flower Essence

There are 38 different Bach essences available.

They intentionally do not contain any traditional medicinal plants and their flowers contain no toxins.

Freshly picked flowers are put into a bowl of pure water and exposed to sunlight.  A flower essence results.

Once the essence of the flowers has been diffused into the water, a preservative is added. 

This can either be brandy, vodka, or vinegar.

The most well-known of the Bach Essences

Rescue Remedy can be used to help alleviate symptoms of extreme stress.

It’s suitable for children and adults, and even dogs have their own version! 

It can work wonders after a bad fall or scrape with children. 

My dog used to find it calming during thunderstorms here in Kansas. 

(There is a version you can buy specifically for dogs). 

I have used Rescue Remedy to help my children release stress or to ease the first day of school nerves.

As someone who gives presentations to groups, I have always found the Bach Olive Flower Essence very useful too.   

To prevent nervousness before a public-speaking event, Bach Olive will ground you and take the edge off.

If you are a mountain climber or hiker, you may already carry Rescue Remedy.

It was originally formulated to help climbers unfreeze – when they get stuck or very scared on a climb!

What is in Rescue Remedy?

Flower essences are herbal infusions. They carry the vibrational energy and healing power of the infused flower.

Most Bach flower essences are traditionally made with a single type of flower.

Rescue Remedy is a special blend of five different wildflowers:

  • Cherry plum
  • Clematis
  • Impatiens
  • Rock rose
  • Star-of-Bethlehem.

In some forms Rescue Remedy contains alcohol as an inactive ingredient. 

If you prefer to avoid alcohol, then Rescue Remedy is also available in pastilles. They come in three flavors – blackcurrant, lemon and orange and elderflower.

Celebrities who use Rescue Remedy

From the Bach Flower website – Jay McCarroll, the winner of the reality TV show Project Runway, used Rescue Remedy on the show’s grand finale.

Jennifer Anniston says it keeps her cool under pressure.

Cate Blanchett swears by it, and Salma Hayek has been a fan for years.  Martha Stewart uses Rescue Remedy and Rescue Sleep.

Van Morrison ordered Rescue Remedy before his performance in Texas, 2010 in order to help with stage fright.

Tough day? Rescue Remedy may help

Flower essences, especially Rescue Remedy, are great for emotional balancing and for that ‘difficult’ day.

You can put drops or spray straight into your mouth or put some drops in water or juice. I put essences in my water bottle for the day and take them that way.

Flower essence practitioners can use essences to assist you with specific issues.

I use the Range of Light kit from Flower Essence Services (FES) for face-to-face clients who are receiving energy balancing work.

Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all 12 Readings she offers, and contact her here at the Client Portal.

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