How To Experience The Beauty Of Mediumship After Loss

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How To Experience The Beauty Of Mediumship After Loss

beauty of mediumship

What is the beauty of mediumship? It can help us to gain a new perspective on the loss of a Loved One, create a new understanding around a life situation, and give us hope when we need a motivator to carry on positively with our lives.

What is mediumship?

The dictionary definition of mediumship is: –

1. the skill or practice of being a spiritual medium:
“his mediumship has given us a large mass of evidence which no amount of detective work could obtain”.

Online Oxford dictionary

I like to define the beauty of mediumship as: –

Any mystical experience related to a lost Loved One that helps and supports us on our journey.

Sarah Lawrence

Experiencing the beauty of mediumship

As grieving individuals, we can experience the beauty of mediumship through: –

  • releasing deep, or even long-held emotions around the sense of loss.
  • Gaining a new perspective on interactions with a Loved One
  • Recalling happy moments in the life journey when we and our Loved One were together.
  • Letting go of any guilt we might feel about the person who passed.
  • Beginning to understand the Life Lessons between us.
  • Gaining comfort from heartfelt sensations.
  • Contemplating that there may be such a thing as an eternal Soul (if that comforts us).

You don’t have to be a medium

When we have an experience of mediumship between ourselves and a Loved One, we don’t need to be a medium to experience the beauty of mediumship.

So how can we find comfort in the extreme pain of our losses?

Simply writing a letter or a journal entry to a Loved One can be a healthy expression of grief, shared between your energy and theirs.

Looking at old photos or visiting a grave site or memorial can help us to express deep-rooted sensations of grief.

Having the space or room to talk about Loved Ones with friends and relatives can help, too.

Praying or meditating, even just imagining a conversation you would like to have with your Loved One will help you to process your loss.

The West lacks effective community help with grief

We all have emotions about Loved Ones who have passed, whether it’s a person or pet.

Grief has us focus deeply on the loss of a Loved One during the first few years since their passing.

This is perfectly normal, yet very few of us in the West have been given a helpful philosophy or approach for working through grief.

Some of us dive deep and feel all the emotions right at the beginning, carving the vessel deeper so that we can move through the heavier aspects of grieving.

Others prefer to hold off on deep grieving, often finding release through embracing new life situations.

Assuming this approach ultimately embraces a release of emotions, then it works well for some people.

If a Loved One’s passing was sudden or traumatic, then our brains will naturally put a slow-down or stop on this process as a protective measure.

At some point, though, the grief will rise, ready to be released.

Compartmentalizing is not effective grieving

Where people can end up with long term health issues, or even relationship issues, is through being afraid or resistant to the strong emotions that loss creates in us.

Compartmentalizing is not grieving, although it can be necessary sometimes to prevent overwhelm, and to continue functioning well in life.

In the long term, compartmentalizing our grief or not allowing it to flow through us can create trauma, health issues, PTSD and even symptoms of complicated grief.

To understand complicated grief more deeply, this book is an excellent resource – The Other Side of Complicated Grief – Hope in the Midst of Despair, by my friend Rhonda O’Neill.

Rhonda lost her husband in a tragic accident, and has lost a child, as I have.

So how can we truly find beauty in mediumship?

When we are journaling, reflecting, or spending time thinking about a Loved One, try out some of the following techniques.

The experiences may surprise you, bring tears, an emotional release, or even a new perspective.

How can a reading with a medium help me?

If you feel a mediumship reading would be helpful, then choose a medium with lots of references and experience, preferably through someone you know.

The real reason people go to a medium is because they get an emotional release from doing so, and they feel better afterward.

A good medium will demonstrate the beauty of mediumship by: –

  • Making no promises. A medium with integrity will only be able to bring through the appropriate people for that reading on that day. A promise to bring someone through may only result in a medium stating an opinion of the person who passed, or even worse, giving you a fake reading.
  • Relaying intimate details which are validating. A good medium will be able to bring through details of a person who has passed that they couldn’t possibly know otherwise (especially by searching the internet!). Some examples could be descriptions of private photographs, conversations you’ve just had with friends, or an action you have recently taken that no-one else could possibly have known.
  • Giving you information which is enlightening and comforting. This could be from explaining the circumstances around a Loved One’s passing, going deeper into the problems that a Loved One struggled with in life, or even relaying a message which you were secretly hoping to hear.

I hope you have enjoyed this post about the healing beauty of mediumship.

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