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Some free resources for the Spiritual Journey – help!

Your journey matters - discover your past lives and Akashic Records

Some free resources for the Spiritual Journey – help!

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Free Resources for the Spiritual Journey

I often get contacted by people who are having premonitions or some kind of spiritual awakening…but they don’t currently have the money to get a reading or Personal Energy Coaching.

Common questions people ask me or call me about

During the last two months especially a lot more people are having premonitions and writing to me about them, feeling distressed and not knowing quite what to do.

The other common theme recently has been greater contact with spirit guides or awareness of a voice or presence around a person.  A lot of people are worried that they are going nuts!  What I would say is…if the messages are supportive and positive, then it’s time to listen.

Somebody contacted me a few days ago – asking for advice and how to locate free resources for the Spiritual Journey?

Here is my response.  (I’m keeping the contact details from the person private).

Many of us who are intuitive or sensitive have a lot of experiences like this. Several years ago I started getting a ringing in my ears and now I hear some of my guides when I read for people or just generally in life – it’s called ‘clairaudience‘, or clear-hearing. In your case if you are feeling the response – it’s called clairsentience or ‘clear feeling’.


Think about your own spirituality as a practice

Here’s what I would suggest…first of all, take some time to think about your own spirituality as a practice. You are an energy sensitive person and the best thing you can do to get yourself comfortable is to learn to accept that.

I would suggest starting to meditate, however it suits you… here’s a post about Autogenics which a lot of people find useful.


Use the New Age Section in your local library

Head off to your local library and find the New Age Section! (I live in Kansas and even our library has a new age section now would you believe).


I’ve set up this Amazon shop – use it as a guide and start reading any books that resonate.   Once you start doing this the right books will start falling into your lap -literally. Book swap stores are also a great place to find the books you’re looking for.

Go to

Find a group in your area. Just this weekend I gave a talk about the Akashic Records to a local group here.  Meetups are usually free (some just need $5 to cover costs, dependent on where the meetup is…so start looking!).


There’s a big spiritual awakening going on so you WILL start to find people who are experiencing the same things as you.


Don’t allow yourself to be defined by family members or friends who haven’t had your experiences yet.   Find people who are on the same journey as you and hang out with them…they are out there.


Start thinking about become your own Spiritual Authority

If you had a regular spiritual practice of your own, what would it look like and how would you enjoy your practice best? If you are a church goer and it works for you, do that. If you’d rather be in nature, do that…whatever it is.


Wishing you the best on your journey and keep checking out my blogs…they are all free to read! 🙂


Other free resources for the Spiritual Journey

I would also suggest the wonderful Super Soul Sunday series on OWNtv.  If you don’t have cable…you can find the programs free streaming on the internet.

I also love Lee Carroll’s Kryon site – you can download a LOT of channeled information for free.

Also check out BlogTalkRadio, my podcasts 🙂 and HayHouse Radio.  All of these are free resources for the Spiritual Journey.

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