How the EMF Balancing Technique can help us to heal even in transition

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How the EMF Balancing Technique can help us to heal even in transition

emf balancing technique

May 2010 – my mum is very sick and in a hospice

emf balancing techniqueMy mother’s energy was moving in and out of her body as I spoke.

“Mum you said a while back that you were interested in being buried there”. She looked at me helplessly.

Gathering all my resources, I remembered a question that one of my mentors had given me.

“Mum – what is most sacred to you?”

Her eyes widened and she breathed deeper and easier. She looked into my eyes and said

“I want to become a tree”.

I had to press my point, to be sure.

“So if we make arrangements with the Sustainability Centre at East Meon, they’ll give you a natural burial and continue planting a forest around you. Is that what you want?”

She curled in on herself, teared up and bowed her head. “Yes.” She mouthed, unable to use her voice fully.

“Trees are sacred”.


The EMF Balancing Technique and transition

It was really happening.  My dear mum was slowly but surely leaving her body.  How could I tell?

As an EMF Balancing Technique practitioner and energy sensitive, I could feel her energy moving in and out of her body whenever I visited her in the hospice.

It wasn’t just fluctuating or oscillating, sometimes her whole energy field would extrude horizontally from her solar plexus area, sometimes it would be fully in her body and sometimes it would float out of the top of her head.

As an empath and energy-sensitive person, this was a very strange experience for me as well as sometimes a distressing one.

I couldn’t deny what was happening, it was real and my years of studying the human energy field were real too!

I could feel it just as you can feel it when you put your finger on your nose – a physical sensation.

EMF Balancing Technique sessions – gave great comfort

I was fortunate enough to be able to give my mum sessions whilst she was in hospice.  One session took a total of three days to give her because she was weak.  The first time I started giving the session she said

You have no idea how good that feels!

I laughed and said that I probably had some idea since I love receiving the sessions as well as giving them.

I continued to give her the sessions when she asked for them and they helped her with the odd feelings of spiritual awakening combined with her transition.

My mum said “I was always energy sensitive”

My mum had always been energy sensitive but in her day and age in postwar Britain and as a 50s housewife there was really nowhere to go with this information.

I watched her keep the information to herself and quietly enjoy her house and garden with the natural energy, spirits, and devas that dwelt therein, without giving them names or identities as we are so free to do now with modern spiritual practice.

Whenever I broached energy awareness or raised this subject as a child – she gave me a look laced with fear and disapproval – so I kept quiet.

Once she began to transition, however – was when she really began to wake up

She told me that ‘I had always been right’ and that energy really existed.

We had many interesting discussions about how energy works and what we noticed.

When I bought one of her friends to see her…after 10 minutes or so when the friend had left the room for a moment mum whispered to me “Take her home Sarah, she is getting too distressed and I can feel it”.

When we start to leave the body the energy bodies become more and more real and mum was tuning in to the emotional energy body of her friend very accurately.

Another inspirational story with the EMF Balancing Technique

A fellow EMF Balancing Technique Practitioner, Lina Esposito, wrote this amazing book The Little Book on EMF: My Personal Journey Through the EMF Technique.

It’s the story of her time with her father when he became unwell and how giving him EMF Balancing Technique sessions helped heal their relationship and create a strong bond before his passing.

In my case, the EMF Balancing Technique helped me to understand the mechanics of what was happening and helped me to explain it to my mother also, who in her spiritual awakening was then acutely aware of what was happening to her.

I gave her some sessions remotely when I wasn’t able to be at the hospice and over the phone, she reported that she knew when I was working with her.  These experiences gave us both a lot of peace on the Journey.



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