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Letting go – a poem from Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

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Letting go – a poem from Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

letting go

Letting go of one of the stages of childhood with my two girls…

During the summer break I’ve managed to get on down and get some jobs on that have been waiting a while.

One of (the many!) was clearing out a bunch of old toys and broken pieces of toys thrown into boxes from our house move last year – and not tidied until now.

My two girls (ages 11 and 9) did a great job helping me clear up the mess…then we got down to the really difficult stuff.

All those pieces and parts of toys that little ones so treasure…but that we can’t keep forever…

As I was clearing out the old many memories started to surface…

The girls were grabbing half a broken mermaid Barbie doll – “Mom – do you remember that trip to Virginia Beach when we bought these – and the taffy?”

“Oh I used to love this crown – wouldn’t wear it now, though.”

“Wow we played with this stuff so long ago!”

Ha.  Long ago!  Only a few years in adult terms, but so long ago for the children.

It was a great clear out and we had fun making a really good-sized box for Goodwill.

…And this poem came to light

I started to feel energy moving as we were finishing up.  An hour or so later this poem came straight out…thought I’d share.  It might give the parents of girls a smile or two! 🙂

Broken pieces and parts in our hearts

The pieces of my heart held dear

as we survey the toys no longer held so near
the broken Barbie heads, princess jewels and dolly hairbrushes galore
all loved so dearly in the days before
when you were so small you loved these precious things
jewels, princess crowns and fairy wings…
Now they’re ready to be passed on
those early years lived through, experienced, gone
part of me wishing for the days of small
when your head reaching to my hip was really tall!
I loved your tea tray games, funny names
your bowed soft lips and dinners all the same
your sadness and exploding joys
the toys, the colors and the endless noise
I haven’t forgotten the sleep deprived days and interrupted nights
the little pink shoes and spotted tights
Yet now we’re ready to let the precious junk go
the dollies, the ark, the coins and the yo-yo
as they leave I sigh with some relief and sadness
it’s easier now you’re older and sleep through the night
that gives me gladness!
Just remembering the princess days
when excitement came in dress-up and countless other little ways
those times will always be in my heart my dear one
even when you are grown up and gone.

3 Responses

  1. Ned says:

    beautifully expressed:) and boy do they grow up fast!

  2. Albert says:

    Good topic to bring up. It is not surprising you would find energy from this activity. It mght be a short post, but it sends an important message.

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