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Connect with a Loved One you have lost

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Connect with a Loved One you have lost

connect with a loved one

Connect with a Loved One who has passed – how do I do this?

Today on Quora somebody asked me this question.

I want to communicate with my husband who died a few months ago. How do I do this?

Here is my answer – how to connect with a loved one

So sorry to hear that your husband passed away.

If you want to make a 1–1 connection with him personally/energetically, a good way to start is to keep a journal and write him a short note every day.

This creates a consistent energetic connection between the two of you (there is one already, of course, a soul connection since he was your husband), but this is a more formal way of doing it.

You are both Souls, but he is currently a Soul without a body. So he can’t talk like he used to, but he can use energy to connect with you.

To connect with a Loved One imagine they are in a different room now

If you were in a house together, imagine you being on the ground floor and your husband (or lost loved one) being in a room above you. This is because energetically he has expanded to a higher place. How do you get him to ‘come down’, or do you ‘go up?’.

It’s a bit of both since you both live in separate rooms now.

Ask for special, personal signs from the Loved One

So writing every day will start an energetic focus. When you write to him, ask him to show you signs to indicate when he is around.

As you write, ask for him to send you images or thoughts of what the signs will be.

Perhaps a bird or animal will pop into your mind, or a song. It could be anything that relates to him, his likes and desires, or something like a joke between you. Just leave it open, then it will be really personal and you will know for sure it is him.

For example, my mum always connected with birds, especially robins. The first year after she passed, a robin would come to the window every day and sing into the window at me!  It was very unusual behavior for a robin, which I took to be her signal.

Meditate or sit quietly for a few minutes each day

If you meditate or just sit quietly for a few minutes every day, this will expand your energy so that your husband can connect. You may feel energy (hot/cold), a light touch, or even a voice in your ear. Again, it’s very personal.

This is a good way to get started with regular contact.

If/when you want to, you can connect with a reader to take things further.  Just make sure it is someone you resonate with, and someone who can share personal information with you that only you and he could possibly know.

I like this book, too, for anyone grieving. I wrote a review on it quite a while ago now, just a suggestion.

Lots of light and I hope this helps you on your journey.

Below are links to two books I’d recommend on the subject.

walking in grace with grief

Walking in Grace with Grief

Della asked me to review her book Walking in Grace with Grief: Meditations for Healing After Loss since she felt some resonance with other posts and information I share on this site about connecting with our loved ones.

Della’s son Rick passed when he lost control of his car on a mountain road near their family cabin.

What makes this book so different is Della’s approach to dealing with the loss of a Loved One and how she chose to move through the stages of grief – walking in Grace indeed.

spiritual medium

A mediums guide to Creating Heaven On Earth – Karen Noe

Karen Noe’s first book – Through the Eyes of Another – A Medium’s Guide to Creating Heaven on Earth – published by Hay House leads us to consider the concept of having our life review before we leave, pass on or transition.

More complex than seeing your life flash before your eyes, a life review can be an opportunity to learn from your life lessons and discover why certain people or situations were in your life in the first place. 

It can manifest as a movie that you watch, or as a series of meetings with people in your life who discuss their reasons for being with you this time around.


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