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Adrenal Fatigue and 5 simple ways to change the game | Some signs that you are drained and what to do about it

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Adrenal Fatigue and 5 simple ways to change the game | Some signs that you are drained and what to do about it

adrenal fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue – the sneaky energy drainer

I recently came across an article about Adrenal Fatigue when on a road trip.

My family and I were relaxing in a great hotel on Memorial Day weekend, we had unwittingly stumbled upon the biggest free Memorial Day party in the mid-West (Kansas City, MO) and had enjoyed one of the best free firework displays ever.

Yet I still felt exhausted and low and had for a week or two for no ‘apparent’ reason – but I was on vacation!

As an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) I know that sometimes locations and people can cause an energy imbalance or drain for me, this felt physical however.

Feeling low and drained for no ‘apparent’ reason – adrenal fatigue could be the cause

I hooked into my intuitive ‘spidey senses’ and got told to Google Adrenal Fatigue.

The article I found was perfect for me…as an intuitive empath I can often sense the early signs of illness in myself and others (if they ask, that is – I’m not a voyeur).

I’ve been to the doc a few times in the last year with minor this and that, had all the tests and then each time been told I’m super-healthy – whilst knowing that something is going on and my physical signs are not made up.

I believe sometimes what I sense with my inner guidance is below the ‘testable’ range as far as modern medicine currently goes.

Check your back below the 5th rib – often a sign of adrenal fatigue

Part of the article asked me to check my low back below the 5th rib. I did – and ow!! Both sides. There’s a sign.  Basically a glaring one…

I started reading more and found some things that I knew intuitively would help me straightaway.  I’ve listed them here in case any of them resonate for you.

1. Take a Vitamin C Supplement daily.

2. Take the Magnesium and Calcium calm supplement as suggested. (An intuitive friend AND the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones from the Akashic Records had suggested this through an exchange reading with a colleague…but I had been resistant and somewhat lackadaisical with the dosing!).

3. Stick to my 20 minute Yoga plan daily instead of every 2 or 3 days. There are even more good reasons to do that – new research shows that 20 minutes of yoga a day helps people to function better both speed-wise and accuracy-wise — on brain functioning tests after just 20 minutes of Hatha yoga, compared with aerobic exercise.  Rest of article on Huffington Post.

4. Cut down on ‘white noise’ and disruptive input. TV amounts to my favorite shows and movies anyway.

What I noticed was how much email I have to wade through even being careful about my subscriptions.

– I also use Social Media for my business and the amount of notifications for this that and the other can be overwhelming.
– So I switched off all my Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ email notifications and unsubscribed from anything I’m not reading. The result is bliss!
– I love to read online and now I can just receive what I need in the practical sense and what I want to receive in the personal sense. Aaaaahhhh.

5. Laugh once a day. Whether it’s reading the funnies in the paper or watching a funny movie, laughter is one of the best medicines. I met a Shaman once (Leslie Fenton in the UK) who offered this piece of practical spiritual advice “Laughter chases away bad Spirits“. Amen to that.

I’m still reading Lissa Rankin’s excellent book Mind Over Medicine and will be adding this list to my own Personal Prescription once I’ve read the whole book.

Lissa asks her patients “What does your body need to heal?” An excellent question to ask oneself during meditation or relaxation practice.

And the results?

So far (about a month into this approach) my aches and pains have subsided and most importantly I feel uplifted more of the time.

Family life can be surprisingly tiring and many mothers (myself included) often keep giving when they don’t have it left in them to give any more.

Finding ways to ensure that you are building up your adrenals and not suffering from the start of adrenal fatigue is one way to give back – to yourself. Brand Banner


9 Responses

  1. Mark Poole says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Interesting to read about your real life journey!Glad to hear you are on the mend – if you need further adrenal support also consider adaptogens (we recommend Siberian Ginseng), Tyrosine, Liquorice root extract and Chromium.

    Hope that helps 🙂

    • Mark,

      That is very interesting to hear, thank you, adaptogens are so wonderful for the body (I’m a big fan of Lavender Essential Oil – adapts to so many needs that the body has.



      • Mark Poole says:

        Hi Sarah,

        One of our Directors is an aromatherapist and is also a fan of Lavender Oil – particularly good with helping some of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue, such as low mood, irritation and stress-related anxiety.

        Or so I am told!



        • Hi Mark,

          That’s an interesting piece of information. Lavender is one of my fave oils and being an adaptogen it would make absolute sense that it could help with adrenal issues…more research to be done!

          Do let me know if your colleague has any good links I can refer to.



  2. Hi Sarah ,

    Great article. I love how you tune into your body ~ I do the same . I think your sharing will help many people.

    ~ Blessing Pauline

  3. Naomi says:

    I guess Dena has some experience with this, too. I’m curious to learn more and how to heal naturally.

    • Working on a brief informational email series and a set of free introductory course modules to help people do exactly that Naomi! Feel free to sign up for my Energetics Updates newsletter to keep in touch with progress.

      There’s much we can do to keep ourselves in balance, well and healthy (of course if in doubt about ANYTHING I would still go to my doctor). The more we can learn to do for ourselves and our children IMHO, the better it is for everybody.



  4. […] of Spring weather in Wichita, especially with tornado threats.  I’ve starting drinking my Calm drink again (magnesium supplement) which I know I need, because it’s not making me feel […]

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