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Akashic Records Readings with Sarah Lawrence

Spiritual Journey Resources and tools


When working with clients or interacting online, I am often asked for good resources on the spiritual journey.

During Akashic Records Readings my Akashic Guides come up with really useful lists and tools that are a wonderful resource for clients.

Many of these approaches can, of course, differ depending upon the individual.

I have noticed some common themes during my 8 years of giving readings so far.

I decided to put some of these common spiritual resources into this page, which I hope you find these useful and inspiring!

It can seem overwhelming when beginning to awaken on the journey, which book to read, which crystal to choose, which meditation approach to work with, and so on.

Here is a curated list of spiritual resources which have worked for me, feel free to check them out for yourself, and let me know what works for you.

Resources on the Spiritual Journey

Akashic Records

Welcome to the Akashic age!

I had a spontaneous opening to the Akashic Records in 2010 when a book came in the mail which I didn’t order.

When I started reading the book, a strange energy sensation started moving over my body which freaked me out somewhat.

About 6 months later, I finished the book and found that I could give readings for clients.  Since that time I have grown and developed my reading gift.

In the past, reading the Akashic Records has been limited to rulers, leaders, and politicians.

Now, in the modern age, ordinary people like us can learn about our Akashic Records, our personal energetic history and be pro-active about clearing karma and energetic blocks and restrictions.Click To Tweet

It’s an interesting age in which to be alive, to follow the spiritual journey and to have the freedom to grow and evolve without restriction if we so choose.

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Acupuncture is a powerful tool and can help with many physical issues, from chronic pain relief to recovery from surgery — even problems with fertility.

I am fortunate enough to work closely with a very skilled Five Element Acupuncturist, Marty Golden, at Wichita Holistic here in Wichita, KS.

Marty has studied hard and learned from highly-qualified practitioners.

After years of work and study, she has now successfully been ‘grandfathered’ in as an accepted acupuncturist in the State of Kansas, USA.

(For information, Five Element Acupuncture is how acupuncture was practiced in China before Chairman Mao’s era, full of ancient tradition and holistic wisdom).

Most acupuncture practiced in the USA at present is from a different philosophy and approach, that of TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, created during and after Chairman Mao’s rule in China.

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Bodywork can help us to clear energetic blocks and restrictions that we discover as we expand at the soul level, or practice any form of growth work on our internal world.

Having an appropriate bodywork session can also help to clear stuck emotions in the muscles, tendons and bones.

This can be helpful for anyone having to deal with body aches and pains which seem to have no apparent physical cause.

My favorite bodywork approaches


Spiritual Books got me started on the journey.

I really didn’t know about the great resources that the right spiritual book can offer a person until it kept happening to me!

Once I became more aware of the influence books could have on my spiritual growth,  I ended up with a pretty large selection of books over the years.

My first truly powerful experience with a spiritual book was with this one, Mastery: Path of Inner Alchemy by Zulma Reyo.  From it, I learned how to practice the Violet Flame meditation.

It was a transformative experience for me.

I am also dangerous with a Kindle and am a voracious reader, so if you are interested to know if a spiritual book is for you, feel free to contact me and ask,

I will probably be able to advise you on a good place to start!

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using crystals

A quartz crystal with inclusions (other substances), some creating rainbows

Crystals are not only beautiful but can be an amazing spiritual resource.

My first connection with the world of spirit came through because of a strong energetic attraction I felt towards crystals.

I was drawn to learn more about crystals, to meditate with them, work with them and learn more about them.

Crystal work remains a strong part of my spiritual practice to this day.

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Divination is a way to interpret the energy that enters our awareness through our intuition.Click To Tweet

Often we can receive intuitive hits, but don’t necessarily know how to relate that information to our current selves in a way that supports personal growth and soul evolution.

When we learn about divination tools, if they are a good fit and match for our personal psychic and intuitive development, then they can help us to put the energy in place and receive clear and accurate messages.

The two divination tools that work the best for me regarding present and future issues are Oracle Cards and Runes, otherwise known as Elder Futhark Runes.

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Essential Oils

essential oils

Picking lavender in a Young Living field

Ever since I became a qualified reflexologist, my teacher at the time connected me with the Young Living Essentials Oils.

Once I opened the bottles and smelled and sensed the energy of these therapeutic grade essential oils, I was hooked!

Essential oils can help support us in spiritual practices such as meditation and deep relaxation.

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Energy Work – the EMF Balancing Technique®

emf balancing techniqueDuring 2001 I attended a short workshop in the UK with a friend.

We had often gone on spiritual explorations together (she and I had gone to crystal workshops amongst other things).

This time we decided to experience a new type of energy work, the EMF Balancing Technique® (Electro-Magnetic Field Energy Technique).

For me, this first powerful experience of energy work resulted in a qualification as a certified EMF Practitioner and the giving of many EMF Balancing Technique® sessions.

In later years, I have realized that my Akashic Records work is intimately connected to my knowledge of our human electromagnetic field or lattice and this study has improved my work in both areas of awareness.

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Meditation can be extremely helpful on the Spiritual Journey.

There are many different types of meditative practices available today, and some can be done in as little time as 2 minutes, as quickly and as easily as brushing your teeth.

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Podcasts are a great way to absorb spiritual information, whether it is while you are relaxing or working through some simple tasks on a busy day.

Here’s a post listing my current podcast favorites>>

Feel free to check out my latest podcasts too!

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